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Pet accessory for The Sims 2


Pet accessory for The Sims 2



Will come in October The Sims 2 the fourth additional plate, Pets, in which our sims with pets – dog, cat, parrot, hamster, etc. – they can expand their household. The add-on will also give you the opportunity to design your own pet, we can further modify the properties of the many dog ​​and cat species to choose from, or we can cross between different species. Our Sims also have new tasks ahead of them, because their pets have to be raised, and they can also teach them various stunts. We can even choose our own career for our dog, such as being in the show business or as a security guard. And we can share our favorite pets with other players.
And those who can’t wait for the news until October are expected to appear in early September Glamor Life (“Chilli-wild stuff”) with the help of a small additional package to create a luxurious life – elegant clothes, luxury furniture, paintings, etc. – can provide for your sims.