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Photocall TV: How to Watch TV on Android for Free

Photocall TV: How to Watch TV on Android for Free

Photocall.tv allows us to reach thousands of television channels from all over the world, completely unjustified and from any device. Being a web page and not an application, it is not necessary to install any application, so we do not have to be aware of updating it periodically.

Today, the number of functions that we can do from our smartphone is such a subscription that there are many users who they have completely ignored a computerdespite the fact that this is still essential to carry out certain actions that would not take much longer from a smartphone or tablet.

Watch any TV channel from any reasonallows us to watch the extreme episode of the series that interests us, a soccer game, the latest news, our favorite software… either at work, on some means of transport on the way or when returning from work… as As long as we have an Internet connection, obviously.

It is especially useful when our children want to watch their favorite series but the rest of the tribe wants to see other types of content, to finish watching a movie before going to restto see the latest news …

What is Photocall TV?

In the Play Store we have at our disposal a large number of applications that allow us to watch television from any device. The problem is that these applications, which are completely free, require maintenance by the developer and sometimes, as it is a hobby, they do not pay the necessary attention to it.

Without kidnapping, as I have explained before, Photocall.tv is a web page, a web page Whithout ads that allows us to reach thousands of television channels from all over the world. How is it possible?

A few years ago, many television channels broadcast on the Internet through their respective web pages, own content onlyis to propose, the newscasts and programs created by them.

When watching movies, due to the particularities of the agreements between production companies and television channels, both series and movies, they were not aired like the rest of their own programming.

Thank goodness that changed, since it didn’t make sense to broadcast only their own programming, programming that tends to be the one that generates the least interest. Thanks to this change, visiting the website of each erawe can see through the Internet the same content that we receive through a television.

Photocall.tv gathers all the links to the web pages in a single motif of television channels in a single reason. Specifically to the web page where it is broadcast live, so it is not necessary to inspect web page by web page to see the live broadcast, we only have to inspect Photocall.tv.

What channels does Photocall TV have?

If proportionately this website focuses on making available to us most of the channels available in Spain, including those of all the autonomous communities and those of some autonomous communities, it even allows us to reach television channels from other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Pepper, Panama, Paraguay, EcuadorHonduras, United States, France, Italy, Germany…

To reach the rest of the non-Spanish channels that are available through Photocall.tv, at the top we have to click on International. In this section you will find all the channels from other countries. the problem is that they are not ordered in any wayso we have to manage them manually or use the search engine.

This search engine is located to the right of the menu of available options and it is the simplest method to be able to reach the television channels we are looking for without having to look at the channel’s logo one by one.

some channels, does not allow entry to the content if you are not in the country, so we will be forced to use a VPN. From this website we have access to different VPN offers, all of which are subscription-based, with NordVPN being one of the best.

The service offered by Photocall.tv only includes public television channels, that is, those that are completely free. If you are looking for how to reach TNT, Fox, AXN among others, you will not be able to do it through this web page, so you must overtake iptv lists using such an application.

Not everything is what it seems

As I have mentioned, using Photocall.tv is completely vacantIt is not necessary to pay any type of subscription, since the content that it offers us is arranged on the website of the respective television channels.

If we access from our smartphone, it is recommended to use a browser that includes an ad blockersince otherwise different windows will open inviting us to install applications to play the content.

these apps Are not necessaryso we must settle any requests to download content as well as all the tabs that do not show the television channel we want.

The easiest decision to avoid risks and install applications without realizing it is to use the Brave browser, a free browser that includes an ad blocker that prevent other web pages with devious content from opening when we click on the channel we want to watch.

Alternatives to Photocall TV

IPTV applications

If you don’t like how this website works because you prefer to use an app, the simplest decision to use IPTV / M3U lists.

If we search the Internet for “iptv lists” we will find different links to this type of list that we can import to an IPTV application to be able to enjoy our favorite TV channels. But on the other hand, we can even find lists that include channels available only for subscription, lists that are illegal, so they usually last a very short time.


Without a doubt, the quickest and easiest decision to be able to see the signal of public television channels live is through their website. If we want to avoid accumulating the web addresses of all channels in our browsers, we can perform a google search every time we want to watch a specific channel.

We just have to enter the search terms “Watch 1 live”. Clicking on that link will open the RTVE web page where that channel is broadcast live, without having to do absolutely nothing more.

If is one private television channel that broadcasts publiclyFirst of all, a series of ads will be shown that we can sometimes skip, and finally the live broadcast will be shown.

channel applications

Most of the big television networks offer all users their own application from which they can reach all the channels they broadcast. These applications even allow you to reach all the series and movies of your own production, so they are an excellent option when it comes to watching content that has already been broadcast.

In Spain we have, on the other hand of public television RTVE, the groups Atresmedia and Mediaset.

With the Atresmedia application we can reach the content of the channels:

Through the Mediaset, we can see: