Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Chinese developer Viva Games have shown a good part of the gameplay of their action, adventure and horror game Kill X.

The game, which can be played at the Chinajoy 2018 in Shanghai, coming this winter to PlayStation VR.

You will have support in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. And that the details of its publication outside of China are still scarce, although we do know that it will reach the West.

watch where you go

The demo shown today shows the exploration of a really spooky mine, infested with dangers and monsterswhile the player uses a variety of weapons to defend.

Thus, we can see a pistol, an AK 47 and more, including what appears to be a nail gun with a laser sight. In desperate situations, desperate measures.

You can see the gameplay below, and as it says in the title, be careful with the volume because the girl who plays screams a lot.

Human experiments were never good

Kill X is a claustrophobic thriller set on a secret island. In it you will discover horrifying human experiments made by an organization determined to achieve immortality at all costs.

As you alternate between the past, present, and future of these experiments and their aftermath, you’ll battle hordes of the island’s hapless inhabitants. You will have to solve puzzle and you’ll be able to find more powerful weapons than ever before as you delve deeper into this heart-stopping mystery.

If you want to see more, don’t miss its latest trailer shown along with other China Hero Project titles such as Lost Soul Aside.


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