Naughty Dog’s latest game would have originally been released in May, but he can’t keep up with that date.

There have been rumors in the days that Naughty Dog ‘s next game, The Last of Us it will only be on store shelves in June, but in June. This has now been officially confirmed by the studio, i.e. the new release date June 14.
“We are a team that always demands the highest standards from their games, be it story, visuals, gameplay, anything. So we want The Last of Us to raise that standard even higher for ourselves, but most of all for you, As we reached the final stage of development, we had to realize how complex Joel and Ellie’s adventure was.Instead of cutting a bend or compromising here and there to the detriment of our ideas, we decided to give the game a few extra weeks. to fully meet the internal expectations of Naughty Dog. ” – can be read in the official announcement of the studio.


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