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Portify: Transfer playlists from Spotify to Google Play Music

Portify: Transfer playlists from Spotify to Google Play Music

Spotify users who switch to Google’s Play Music All-Inclusive streaming service can simply take their playlists with them. Thanks to Portify. We introduce the free service.

Streaming services that transfer music from the cloud to the desktop or mobile device are now also available in various versions in Germany. The advantages of a music subscription are obvious: You no longer need to buy CDs, as you can listen to (almost) all albums – regardless of whether they are old or new – at any time and as often as you want: for most albums from the day of Publication. No private collection can compete with this service.

Play Music All Inclusive or Spotify?

One of the most popular streaming services on the market is Spotify, which has won over many users with its huge library, extensions, mini-programs and social functions. For € 9.99 a month, the service not only offers ad-free streaming, but recently also unlimited mobile access. This is exactly what Google offers, but Play Music All-Inclusive has two decisive advantages: The first month after registration is free and those who register at the beginning only pay 7.99 euros per month. There is also the option of backing up 20,000 of your own MP3s on the Google servers, which you can then also stream and which are still available after the subscription has expired. Albums purchased through Google Play Music are also available directly from the cloud. Google Play Music All-Inclusive therefore combines the benefits of Spotify with the advantages of Amazon MP3 to create a powerful streaming service.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of these possibilities and want to switch from Spotify to Play Music All Inclusive is faced with the problem of having to recreate the playlists that may have been laboriously compiled. For many users, this is a reason not to switch services. This hurdle is eliminated with Portify. The tool makes the switch to Play Music All-Inclusive a lot easier.

Use Portify

The Portify program is available for Mac, Windows and Linux computers . Download the application provided for the respective system or compile the free tool by hand if you have the necessary experience. After opening, follow Portify’s instructions for installation.

After starting the tool, you need to log in with your Google account. To do this, you need an active subscription to Play Music All-Inclusive . The second step is to register with Spotify. If the Spotify account runs through your Facebook account, you will find the help you need in the “Spotify and Facebook” box. After the successful registration, Portify lists all playlists clearly. Use the checkboxes to select individual or all playlists and use the Start Transfer button to move them to Google Play Music. After completion, all selected playlists are also available on Google.

Spotify and Facebook

If you use your Facebook account to log into Spotify, you must create a specific Spotify password. Open a browser and log into Spotify with your Facebook login. Above takes you to the relevant page on Spotify. Here you will find a combination of numbers (Device Name) that you use as a username at Portify. Use the button to send a random password to an email address of your choice. Log in to Portify using the number combination and the new password.


Since Spotify and Google work with different music libraries (not with the same songs), it is possible that individual songs cannot be found on Play Music All-Inclusive. Portify displays this title. In the event that you already have one of these in your private collection, simply upload it to Google’s cloud to fix the problem. A detailed explanation of how to use the tool is also available on YouTube .


Portify is very easy to use and is also designed to be simple and clear. The program doesn’t do much, but it does it quickly and effectively. If you’ve invested a lot of time in your playlists, then it’s definitely worth the effort. Portify makes switching from Spotify to Play Music All-Inclusive a breeze.


  1. Portify download: https://bintray.com/mauimauer/portify/Portify
  2. Play Music All-Inclusive: http://play.google.com/intl/ALL_de/about/music/allaccess/#/
  3. Spotify-specific password: https://www.spotify.com/us/account/set-device-password/
  4. Video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AChcFmJgjKw