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Postal III

Postal III

If we’re talking about a game that gets little or no publicity, it’s Postal 3. Most of you probably don’t even know this game, let alone played it. Still, developer Running With Scissors managed to close the year 2011 with Postal 3 and Evilgamerz takes a closer look at this game. Because despite the fact that this game has been out for a while now, there is still very little to be found about it. Is a game announced in 2006 still worth buying? Or is this game made to be forgotten? That is the question and in this review there will be some more clarity about this.

Welcome to Catharsis

Postal 3 picks up where Postal 2 left off. It is clear that you are playing with the Postal Dude again, but this time the story is no longer set in your old hometown, Paradise City. The Dude says goodbye to Paradise City, because of the enormous chaos it is time to get as far away from here as possible. You will leave Paradise City with just a full tank of gas. Unfortunately, the journey does not last long, because when we arrive at a place called Catharsis, the tank is already empty. From this moment begins the adventure for the Postal Dude. You will have to get money to buy gas for your car. Unfortunately for you this is not easy and since the petrol prices are higher than normal you will have to do something for your money. Of course it would be very easy to just go into someone’s house and steal the money.

Third person perspective

Those familiar with Postal know that part 2 takes place in a first-person perspective, but in part 3 we play in third-person perspective. This means we no longer play through the eyes of the Postal Dude. Personally, I have to say that this is immediately a downside of the game. It doesn’t feel like a Postal game at all anymore. Controlling your character has gotten a lot worse. The aiming just doesn’t work well and target shooting is no longer an option. Where before you could aim at any body part, it is now more of a gamble which body part you hit. Making a headshot is still possible, but cutting off an arm with a machete is already quite a task. In addition, the Postal Dude no longer sounds as we know it from part 2. The well-known quotes that were used in part 2 come back again, but they don’t sound the same. We can say that Postal 3 seems more like a mod rather than a new Postal part.

The game crashes regularly and the graphics still look very mediocre. It is well known that the graphics were never the most important part of Postal, but the game just looks like it was made in 2006. Really only disappointments for the Postal fans. However, Postal 3 also has some nice pluses. First of all, of course, the wide range of weapons that can be used. We can once again attack the inhabitants with a shovel, but isn’t it much more fun to first vacuum up used cloths in a **** shop with a vacuum cleaner and shoot them at random people? Or how about using a badger (animal) as a weapon? Yes, a badger, because the claws and teeth of a badger are razor sharp and those who are a little creative can imagine what will happen next. I had a great time with this one and luckily this also makes up for it. In addition to a nice range of weapons, there are also a number of well-known characters. The world’s most famous **** actor Ron Jeremy will be there and offer you a ‘nice’ job. Or how about film director Uwe Boll, Taliban leader Osama Bin Laden, playmate Jennifer Walcott and Cowboy Randy Jones from the Village People? All these characters have a role in the game that you as a Postal Dude have to deal with.

Good vs Bad

If you thought that in Postal 3 you only have to shoot people aimlessly, you are wrong, because Postal 3 gives you the opportunity to finish the game in 2 ways. You can choose to brutally slaughter everyone or do the right thing and only deal with the bad guys. You can even finish the game without leaving a single victim, because a bullet isn’t the answer for everything. For example, you can temporarily disable people with your stun-gun and have them arrested, for example. So when you do good things you will see that you will be rewarded. Missions will then be completed in a good way, but if you choose to slaughter people and do not follow the rules, the missions will also end differently. A smiley indicates which side you choose. If you do some things right and some things wrong, the smiley will partially turn red. If the smiley is completely red, then of course you choose the wrong path. It goes without saying that when the smiley is yellow you are doing the right things.

If we put everything in a row, Postal 3 is all in all a mediocre game. As I mentioned, it doesn’t feel like we are used to and almost everything is disappointing. The sound doesn’t sound nice and realistic, the graphics don’t look good and the controls are anything but good. The game regularly crashes, which is actually not allowed from a game that has been in development for so long. Now we shouldn’t compare a game like Postal with other shooters and judge for the graphics. It is clear that the game cannot be a top title, but fortunately well-known characters and a good dose of humor make up for a lot. In addition, it is very nice that you can play the game in different ways, which actually makes you want to play the game a second time. For the real Postal fans, this game may be disappointing, but still worth checking out. If Postal is still an unknown game to you, it wouldn’t be unwise to start with Postal 2. Despite the fact that Postal 2 is an old game, it remains the best Postal game. Postal 3 is not available in stores, but is only available as digital content here in the Netherlands via Steam.

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Author: Martin de Boer | Genre: Action | Release: 03-01-2012 | Publisher: Akella | Developer: Running With ScissorsGraphics: 5.0 † Sound: 4.5 † Gameplay: 6.5 † Controls: 4.5 † Playback: 6.5 5.9+ Humorous gameplay+ A good side and a bad side+ Familiar characters- Graphics out of order- Crashes regularly- Controls don’t feel right