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Practical APC holiday accessories

Practical APC holiday accessories



From mobile phone and PDA chargers to spare batteries and inverters.

Anyone who has already taken their notebook, cell phone, or other electronic device with them on vacation may have encountered some sort of problem while traveling. A depleted battery, an abandoned AC charger, a different system outlet, and thousands of other things can cause annoyance during our vacation. APC staff has figured out what supplements might be helpful in this case.
A notebook can run on battery power for a few hours. This can be extended if you do not use its wireless features (Bluetooth, WiFi), but even then a spare battery can be useful. In addition to the factory version, you can also choose the versions manufactured by APC, which are available for certain models from some manufacturers. In the UK, the US and many other countries, the outlet has a whole different kind of connector than the ones you use at home. The International Plug AdapterHowever, we can use this to solve the conversion to the connectors on our own devices. (All you have to do is pay attention to the fact that there is a voltage of 110 volts in America, so if the connector is OK, the device should work at a lower voltage.)
If you want to use your phone or MP3 player beyond the capacity of your own battery while there is no power outlet nearby, Mobile Power Pack. This is a separate battery that you can use to connect your device to a USB port and continue to use it. An LED display indicates the battery charge level. It can be even more useful in a car or plane Auto / Air Inverter, which you can connect to a cigarette lighter (or a similar connector on an airplane) and then connect your notebook ‘s own power supply, which will get the right voltage. Finally, it can be used specifically for charging mobile phones and PDAs USB Charging Cable, which is available for a wide variety of models, and can be used to charge the battery of your device from the USB port of your notebook (or even a computer in an Internet café).