The new DLC from Call of Duty: WWII has been presented by Activision. The Shadow War will include three maps for multiplayer. In one of the scenarios we can sneak into a blimp that is on a giant cliff. Another of the maps proposes us to face our friends and adversaries inside an underground mine. Finally, in the third map, we will fight in the government building called the Chancellor.

At new war mode map We will visit Australia where we can use prototype weapons that we will find scattered around the stage. Finally, the map we will receive for the zombie mode called The Frozen Throne It will place us in a large and extensive cave with many secrets and tunnels to discover.

All this new content will arrive next August 28 to PlayStation 4, a month earlier than in the rest of the systems. But, in addition to all these novelties, Season Pass holders will be able to enjoy the Party Up Map Access with which a friend who does not have the pass, by joining us, can enjoy the new maps.


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