At the moment, there is quite a variety in terms of PlayStation 4 and Dualshock 4 designs. Recently we have known a special edition of PS4 Pro for the 500 million sales of PlayStation, and previously another limited one on Marvle’s Spider-Man.

Similarly, Dualshock 4 controls also have multiple options. Apart from the manso of the console’s own special editions, it also has its own models for those looking for more personality when buying an additional controller.

So far we have red, blue, white, orange models… But this is not over. PlayStation has announced three new special edition models They will be available from October.

The Gamescom attendees will be able to see them in the first person starting today at stand A-010 in hall 7.1.

new models

The first of them is him Blue Camouflage, available from October 12. It features a futuristic blue and black color scheme, covered in a familiar pattern of silhouettes.

Then there is perhaps the most curious design, BerryBlue, available October 23. It is the perfect option for those who like to draw attention to their friends with a console.

Similar to the Sunset Orange (which, by the way, will be available again for a limited time until September 18). Its upper part of vibrant colors contrasts with the back part and violet buttons. Strange, but pretty.

And finally there is the control Copper. It belongs to the metallic range that already has other colors and can be purchased from October 30, along with the return of Gold, Silver and Steel Black.

Which one will you do?


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