If you’re an old-timer gamer, you know the importance of having a video game magazine with you. With walkthroughs and hints, they were very useful tools to end the game. Over the years, these walkthroughs turned into PDFs, with many users “collecting” them to help them face the games of the time.

Today, the Internet has made everything easier. The walkthroughs are already available on video. But there are many people, who collect the PDFs of magazines and walkthroughs, just as others collect the magazines in their original, physical format. And preserving your PDF collection is just as important as the stacks of magazines stored around the world. That’s where Smallpdf comes in.

What is Smallpdf?

Smallpdf is an online tool that manages PDFs in various ways. With the tool, you can delete, rotate, number, and add content to your document pages, in addition to converting it to different formats, such as JPG, Word or Excel. You can also add pages and make a single PDF, in addition to compressing their size, to let them take up less space on your disks.

Compressing your digital magazine collection

For our dear collection of old PDF magazines, the most suggested tool is Compress PDF. And the reasons are the most varied: if you usually keep your collection on a tablet, you can add several magazines for easy access, with the possibility to save X% with each PDF.

Let’s use Gamers Book #1 as an example. Yes, the famous edition that talks about Final Fantasy VII, and which has already been the subject of a special article here in another opportunity. The scanned magazine, found on a common old magazine sharing site, has 114.1 MB of space. Natural, being a very robust edition.

Using the website tool, it is possible to check how much the PDF will be reduced. In basic, free compression, the file is estimated to be 40% smaller, while in strong compression, in the paid tool, the promised compression is 75%. In this case, I chose basic compression.

But the result was better than expected. The site managed to reduce the final file size by 81.18%, leaving it with 20.5 MB. If you subscribe to the Pro pack, you can rename the file at this point. From here, the site offers direct file download, as well as emailing, link sharing or the use of more tools.

See the file difference:

The file will be compressed, but without losing quality. It is possible, after compression, to read the file without major loss. See an example of the document, already compressed. Remembering, of course, that we are talking about a magazine that is more than 20 years old and scanned:

A great space-saving option

Smallpdf is an interesting alternative for those who want to reduce disk space with their PDFs. The example given here was with an old video game magazine. But of course the service is useful for many other purposes: studies, work or organization.

The service is available, in two ways: free, with a limit of two daily services. And the Pro plan, which offers a 14-day free trial.


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