A famous leakers spoil us a preview of the images of the Apple Card, or the credit card branded Cupertino.

Over the past weekend, the famous leakers Benjamin Geskin posted on Twitter three really interesting images, claiming to have come into possession of a personal Apple Card, or Apple’s credit card, currently in beta testing for only a select few. in the world. Geskin is keen to clarify that he photoshopped the name of the actual owner, as he wants to remain anonymous so as not to have serious legal trouble with Apple, hiding his identity. It is clear that this is someone very close to Apple: perhaps an executive who works inside the Apple Park.

For those who still don’t know, when a customer first receives their Apple Card, it will be delivered inside in a very brightly colored box, which includes an NFC tag hidden inside. To activate the card, the user will then have to open the Wallet application on his iPhone, holding it close to the NFC tag embedded in the package.

This process associates the Apple Card credit card digitally with Apple Pay, allowing us to always carry it with us, even if we do not physically have it in our wallet.

The physical card is titanium, and Apple engraves the customer’s name right into the metal. The card has no other printed identifying features, such as expiration dates or account numbers, and that’s the beauty of it. The front also features only the owner’s name, the chip and the Apple logo. The back includes the Mastercard and Goldman Sachs logos, which act as Apple’s banking partners for the Apple Card service.

Apple claims that its Card has no fees, such as taxes or currency exchange fees. Interest rates are between 13 and 24%, based on the creditworthiness of the same person. The Wallet app includes several features to help the function that pays us back a part of what we spend, and also has other functions inherent to normal credit cards.

If you were to make purchases in any store that supports Apple Pay, at the end of the day Apple will refund you 2% of the total, while if you were to make purchases in an Apple Store, or pay for services such as Apple Music, Apple News +, Apple TV + etc., Apple will refund you 3%. Otherwise, if you requested the physical card lasered titanium, Apple will refund you only 1%.

Finally, I tell you that the Apple Card should be available in the United States from this summer, and in Europe or Italy perhaps in 2020.

I also recommend downloading the wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac, created specifically for the design of the Apple Card, which can be downloaded for free from this link.


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