There are more and more Dual Screen Lite editions in different colors and shapes. This time Japan also thought of a Pro Evolution Soccer style for the handheld (or while Winning Eleven in Japan). The game will soon also be released for the DS, so it’s time for a makeover. The handheld looks like this, more info you can here find in Japanese.

Of course, a lot has changed with PES this year. The shooting system in the PES series has been improved a lot. Shingo Seabass Takatsuka has said that it is now much, much easier to make volleys and half volleys. Due to the new shooting system you will also be able to create many more chances so that you may be able to score a goal. This system has been improved because in previous parts of the series people sometimes struggled to score, so the die hard fans will score more goals than necessary, whether that is so much fun is up to you. In any case, this is a pleasant surprise.
However, there are more pleasant surprises. For example, game situations have been built that give you the opportunity to dribble and also keep control of the ball. Gradually they are starting to complete their series at Konami, and with these changes in the game controls you can safely say that this is all very welcome.


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