If we talk about PS4 backward compatibility at the hardware level, let’s start by saying that if you try to insert a PS2 or PS3 game on the PS4 DVD player this will not work. But there is a way to play old titles on the Next Gen console …

The first solution is the Playstation Now. This paid service allows you to play games of any version on our PS4 and the game will be streamed. Like a YouTube video, which is not physically on our PC, the Playstation Now will allow you to start a game, process it on another Playstation (practically a server), see the video stream on our PS4 and interact with it. The catch? In Italy at the moment this service is not available. In fact, the necessary internet connection is necessarily broadband, which is not yet fully widespread in Italy.

But don’t worry, there are other solutions to play our old titles. Sony has in fact slowly started to distribute the “remastered” versions of the old PS3 and PS2 titles.

PS4 backward compatibility for PS3 games

As for the PS3 titles, the playable titles (downloadable through the Playstation Store) are and will always be very few. The different architecture means that a huge amount of work is needed to adapt them to the PS4 (they are almost entirely done from scratch), and Sony is focusing everything on the Playstation Now for now. The few PS3 remastered titles for PS4 are: The Last of Us, Resident Evil 0, Grim Fandango, Final Fantasy X, God of War, Gravity Rush, Day of the Tentacle, and it is news these days the imminent arrival of a version remastered of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

PS4 backward compatibility for PS2 games

Different speech for PS2 titles, easier to process. Since 2015, Sony has slowly started to distribute digital copies of many PS2 titles that can be emulated by the PS4 on its store. Currently the PS2 titles emulated on PS4 are: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, Bully, Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, Fantavision, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA: The Trilogy, Max Payne, Manhunt, Okage : Shadow King, PaRappa the Rapper 2, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Rise of the Kasai, Rogue Galaxy, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars, Racer Revenge, The Mark of Kiri, Twisted Metal Black, War of the Monsters.

The games adapted to the PS4 (which should become hundreds over time) will have a resolution of 1080p, will have new social features such as trophies, Live Broadcast for streaming gaming sessions and Remote Play.

Sony has also started the campaign to ask fans directly which PS2 game they want on PS4. Through the hashtag # ps2ps4 it is thus possible to tweet the name of the video game: if a game reaches a significant number of tweets it would be taken into consideration for backwards compatibility.

And what do you think of this PS4 backward compatibility? Better the system used by the Xbox One?

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