In view of numerous offers that grip the gaming market, it is easy to think of switching to an “updated” version of our PS4, opting, depending on our needs, for the slim version rather than the pro one.

What remains to be asked is whether the accessories we have are compatible with the newer versions.

The answer is soon revealed, but with a few exceptions.

The Sony-branded accessories you own, whether they are pads, headphones, or so on and so forth, are all compatible with the slim and pro versions of the recent PS4s. The only exception remains for the vertical stand: if you are switching from a PS4 fat to a slim / pro you will be forced to buy a new vertical stand since the one of the fat version is not compatible.

If, on the other hand, you own a slim and want to switch to pro then you can rest assured because the vertical stand of the latter has been designed to be compatible with the pro version as well.

But be careful with regard to the optical output: it is present both in the fat version and in the pro version, but is missing in the slim one. If you have headphones with Dolby Digital support, and are planning to go from fat to slim, the switch will be fatal due to the lack of optical output on the “slim” version of the PS4.


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