The most outstanding:

  • PS4 Neo will be 1.3x times more powerful than PS4
  • PS4 NEO will have a better framerate than PS4 (constant 60fps ??)
  • All games starting in October must be able to run in NEO.
  • Development kits are already in the hands of companies.

To the leaks on the price of PS4 NEO are added the leaks on the specifications, through an internal Sony document, with 42 pages, where the specifications of PS4 NEO are detailed among others.

According to this presentation, the brute force of Playstation NEO will be given by an 8-core processor at 2.1GHz, making Playstation NEO a console 1.3 times more powerful than the current PS4.

More technically speaking, the new PS4 NEO will have an improved version of the GPU of the current PS4, with 36 computing units clocked at 911MHz, which means 2.3 times more teraflops.

As for RAM, PS4 NEO will use 8GB GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 218 gigabits per second, surpassing the 174 gigabits per second of the current one. Regarding the hard disk, there is no significant novelty, being able to find versions from 500GB to 1TB

As for new releases, Sony is going to force game developers to run under PS4 NEO specs starting next month.

On the other hand, Sony believes that despite improving the resolution to 1440p or 4K, this will not be noticeable by most gamers compared to games that run at native 1080p.

Sony expects to launch PS4 NEO in 2017 and the first development kits are already in the hands of developers.


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