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Psycho-horror will be the Someday You’ll Return

Psycho-horror will be the Someday You’ll Return

We play a father whose daughter runs away from home for a long time. But now something completely different…

CBE Software recently unveiled its latest game, Someday You’ll Returnt. The title couldn’t be more apt, as in the psycho-horror adventure game, we play an abbot who searches for his little daughter in a forest where he vowed never to set foot again.

The protagonist of the story is Daniel, who is searching for a daughter around Stella in a Czech (former Moravian) forest. This is not the first time she has escaped home, but our hero now feels that something is very wrong this time. There are ancient forces working in the background that are unlucky to pull a finger, yet Daniel has to go all the way to the ultimate to understand what is happening. Or you have to face your own past, which you tried to forget.

The creators of Someday You’ll Return aim to restore the typical atmosphere of the Czech forests in their game, so there will be many parts that exist in reality. All of this will be revealed in an adventure game with surviving elements. Surviving items include making and assembling objects, collecting herbs, and making decoctions, but we may also need to read clues or just climb rock walls. Our smartphone will help you find your way around and communicate, in which you will also find GPS and a flashlight, and of course you can also use it for traditional purposes (telephony and texting).

Someday You’ll Return promises to be downright cheeky based on the first trailer and pictures, with Unreal Engine 4 responsible for the graphics. However, we still have to wait for the premiere, because it can only come in 2019 at the earliest.