A “window” in the mode of purchase OnePlus 2 will open shortly. Next Monday, October 12, it will be possible to buy the smartphone of the Chinese company without having to use the invitation. However, the offer will only be available for one hour, worldwide. The time slot during which it will be possible to buy the device goes from 12 to 13, local time in Asia, Europe and North America.

The order can be placed on the official website and it will not be possible to buy more than two devices for each order placed.

An important day next Monday for the Chinese company that in addition to offering the possibility of purchase OnePlus 2 without invitations, could present OnePlus X, the new smartphone that the Chinese mobile phone company will shortly put on the market.

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The opening, albeit brief, towards the free sale of the smartphone will allow a greater number of enthusiasts to carry out thepurchase OnePlus 2. That of invitations is a really annoying release method for selling smartphones, but one that often makes use of some exceptions. It is the case of OnePlus One, the company’s first device, which was offered to the public through the sale “open”At certain times when the purchase was made through a simple click on the company’s website.


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