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It’s not yet known what game the new engine will debut, but the techdemo seen at yesterday’s PlayStation 4 premiere is quite amazing.

The Quantic Dream team has always been famous for their innovative thinking, thanks to which each of their games carried unique features. It is enough to think of the cinematic solutions of Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain. The team is currently working on Beyond: Two Souls, but David Cage, head of the studio, was also present at yesterday’s Sony conference with an announcement. According to this, his team is developing a brand new engine for the PlayStation 4 that will be able to display more detailed visuals than ever before. The show started with a tiny history from which we learned how many polygons the models used in the team’s previous games were made of. For the first Omikron in ’99, that number was 350, while the heroes of Heavy Rain released in 2010 already counted 15,000 polygons. And Beyond: Two Souls, which hits stores this year, will also double that number, meaning there will be 30,000 polygons in a single character.
How much more the new engine developed for the PlayStation 4 will be capable of compared to these numbers has not been revealed by Cage yet, but the old man seen in the techdemo of the presentation reveals unparalleled detail. It is not possible to know in what game the French team is thinking about Sony’s new console, but if the new engine is really capable of such detail, we will definitely fall off the sight.


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