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Rainbow Six movie


Rainbow Six movie



THE Paramount wants to make another movie based on Tom Clancy’s novel. Previously, they made films from works including The Hunt for the Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, and now Rainbow Six has been singled out for filming.

In Rainbow Six, we can follow the story of Mike Clarke and Ding Chavez. The two protagonists returning to appear in Tom Clancy’s novels, the film, first appeared in Clear and Present Danger. As members of an international anti-terrorist cooperative, they must release hostages, defuse bombs, and perform other duties in various parts of the world.

The book has already made a computer game in the development of Red Storm, both of which have been very successful, and the film is expected to be similarly popular, given that Tom Clancy is the sixth most sought-after American in the entertainment industry, according to Forbes magazine. .