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Rainbow Six Siege Trophy Guide


Rainbow Six Siege Trophy Guide

Before leaving, we inform you that the following guide was built on the basis of the PS4 version, however you can also use it if you are playing on Xbox One or PC, if you want to know more about the Ubisoft title we invite you to read our review

Trophies: 49

Online trophies: 13 49

Bugged trophies: none

Everyone behind me I’ve got your back A matter of taste Complete rose

These trophies concern the various operators to be unlocked, you will have to unlock them all 20 using the fame points, you can earn them simply by playing.


For this trophy you will have to use the 20 operators at least once in a game (the result does not count).

Up to the stars

Long but simple trophy, you will have to reach level 50.


First of all you will need an operator who can customize the weapons, then you just need to customize one to take the trophy.


You will need to earn and save (without spending) at least 5000 fame points

Spendaccione Fashion Week

For the first trophy you will have to buy 50 weapon accessories, for the second one just apply 30 skins to 30 different weapons (one for each weapon).

Death comes from heaven

Using an attacker you will have to break through a floor or a ceiling, (in the house map) here are a couple of photos to better understand.

Get away!

You will have to break through a window in the map consulate, you will need the charges of the attacker.


You will need to reinforce 2 walls in the map Bank (in defense)

Air force one

Enter mode AeD (plane) and choose to defend the SR, but you will have to defend it until the end (if you die but the team completes the mission the trophy will be yours anyway).

To challenge fate

Make sure you win a game in TDM (no matter if attacking or defending) on ​​the map Hereford to earn the trophy.

A party with friends

Make sure you win a game in TDM garrison (no matter if attacking or defending) on ​​the map Club House for this trophy.

Hunting for terror

Complete 20 terrorist hunting missions for the trophy.


Get 150 headshots on terrorist hunt missions.

Touch and run

You will have to complete a terrorist hunt mission in less than 2 minutes, we recommend playing in co-op in the maps home, consulate And airplane.


You will have to complete a terrorist hunt mission on a realistic level, we recommend playing on a known map and equipped to the best.


First throw a blinding grenade on an enemy and take it out, repeat the procedure on 9 other enemies and the trophy will be yours.

Blind ambition

The drones are used for reconnaissance in the field and target enemies, eliminate 5 of them (attention, they are very fast)

Knock Knock

You will have to eliminate an enemy with a demolition charge, since the enemy must be near the wall you want to blow up, you should agree with someone.

Oh yes!

You will have to take the field with the operator FBI (in attack) and destroy a reinforced wall (erected by the defending team) with the exothermic charge.

Do not enter!

We recommend playing defense, eliminate an enemy in the barbed wire (his speed will be extremely slow and you can take him out with ease).

Wrong number?

With the Nitro-cell (remote explosive) you will have to eliminate 10 opponents, we recommend playing in defense.


Playing in defense, just build 5 wooden barricades.

CQB Bases Mining VIP Target Tubular Assault First Strike Resource Protection Neutralization Without Information Improvised Defense Fortifications

For these trophies you will have to complete the 10 simulations, a sort of tutorial to prepare for multiplayer.

Supreme Commander Perfectionist

Each sim has 3 sub objectives, complete them all on normal difficulty for the trophy.

Article 5

Once you have completed the 10 simulations you will unlock the mission article 5, complete it and after the credits you will have the trophy.

What speed!

In TDM garrison mode, when you are in the attack team you will have to collect info with the drone, you will have to be able to find the target area within 20 seconds for the trophy.


You will have to win 50 multiplayer games.


Winning 5 games in a row in multiplayer will earn you a skill rank and the trophy.

Nemesis of terrorists

Kill 2,500 enemies on the hunt for terrorists for the trophy.

That shelter won’t save you …

You will have to eliminate 200 enemies by shooting through walls or barricades in search of terrorists.

I’m not moving from here

Complete 100 Terrorist Hunt (Defense) matches.


You will have to win a multiplayer game without losing a single round.

Brother in arms

Revive your companions 10 times, you can do this by pressing the square button on a companion on the ground.

Platinum Trophy

Collect all trophies.