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Red Dead Online: Double Rewards in Call to Arms

Red Dead Online: Double Rewards in Call to Arms

Lucrative amounts of cash await you in Red Dead Online as Call to Arms hands out double rewards all week, plus the latest login bonuses help keep all players in top shape.

In addition, today also marks the debut of The Quick Draw Club No. 3 with a range of special bonuses and rare items.

The main highlights from today’s news are:

Double RDO$ and XP in Call to Arms

Login Bonuses: all players will receive 3 special snake oil and 3 powerful bitters this week

• Weapon Modification Bonus: 25 Buckshot Incendiary Shotgun Shells and 200 Express Revolver Ammo, for all players who buy a weapon mod this week

Double RDO$ in all Free Roam Missions, plus more value when looting the fallen in Gang Hideouts, Blood Money Crimes and Free Roam Missions

New discounts: 5 gold bars discount on the Bounty Hunter license, 50% discount on all tracks, 40% discount on all stirrups, ammunition and Breton horses, plus 30% discount on all roll pamphlets

Recurring Outlaw Pass Items: the Zapatero outfit as worn by Javier Escuella, and the Bandit Mask and Blue Enamel Inlay Material, are now on sale

Bonuses for Quick Draw Club No. 1 and No. 2 Members who buy the third installment this week: a reward for 25 Capitale and 10 Fast Travel Rewards (delivered within 72 hours of purchase)

Benefits for Prime Gaming: Players who connect to Prime Gaming before September 28 will receive a reward for a free Vitalism Studies brochure and an offer for half an item with an established or prominent Naturalist role of their choice

• And The Quick Draw Club No. 3 is available now, with 25 rank rewards including the Layham Jacket, a new Knife Variant, 25 Gold Bars to recoup the full cost, and more, plus a free reward for The Halloween Pass 2 is earned by players who purchase all four volumes of The Quick Draw Club

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