Ready to stay on top of the main releases of the week? Highlights are the underwater exploration of beyond blue and the nostalgic duels of Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, but there’s a lot more coming, check it out!

Beyond Blue (PC, PS4, XOne): Explore the ocean floor, cataloging different species of marine creatures and having to deal with limited resources.

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch): a collection that brings 7 classic titles from the series Samurai Shodown, including a brand new version of the fifth game in the series.

Remember that the collection will be available to download FOR FREE at Epic Game Store from the 11th to the 18th of June!

1971 Project Helios (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch): turn-based strategy game that mixes military combat tactics with survival and crafting in an icy and hostile environment.

Evan’s Remains (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch): Help find a missing young man in this game that mixes puzzles with a visual novel style narrative.

Project Warlock (PS4, XOne, Switch): an old school FPS with cel shaded visuals and frenetic action that pays homage to doom, witches and other classics of the genre

Warborn (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch): strategic combat game between giant mechs, who are involved in a war that will define the fate of our solar system.

Jump King (PS4, XOne, Switch): a physics-driven 2D vertical platform game. Hit the jump, or drop to the ground to start the process over.


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