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Releases of the week: Tekken 7, Perception, Danger Zone, Tokyo 42 and more

Releases of the week: Tekken 7, Perception, Danger Zone, Tokyo 42 and more

May ends, June begins, and releases don’t stop! The highlights of the week are Tekken 7 finally arriving to the West, the different horror adventure perception, the automotive destruction of Danger Zone and more, check it out!

Tekken 7 (SQUARE, PS4, XOne): one of the most traditional fighting game franchises reaches its seventh episode, promising to close the narrative arc of Mishima Zaibatsu in an epic way, and featuring the guest appearance of none other than Devil Fruit, from the series Street Fighter.

perception (SQUARE, PS4, XOne, Switch): Explore a sinister and mysterious mansion in the control of a blind girl, who must use her privileged hearing to guide herself through dark places while reliving her past and facing her greatest fears.

Danger Zone (SQUARE, PS4): from the creators of Burnout and the fun Dangerous Golf, Danger Zone is basically the Crash Mode in Burnout revisited, a huge testing area where your goal is to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible!

Tokyo 42 (SQUARE, XOne): Become an assassin for hire, taking out targets in a vast and stylish isometric open world full of approach and exploration possibilities.

The Long Journey Home (SQUARE): space exploration game with procedural generation of planets and environments. Visit new worlds, make allies, discover alien life forms and create your own adventure.

Dragon bros (XOne): When robots invade the peaceful world of dragons and start destroying everything, the best defense is attack. Arm yourself to the teeth to rescue your mother from the evil ones Mechaliches in this 2D run and gun with a retro feel and a vibe of Against.

crossout (PS4, XOne): after a long testing phase in the PCs, the vehicular combat game where you can build your own destruction machine finally hits consoles!

The Culling (XOne): multiplayer in the best style Battle Royale that puts multiple players on a bizarre reality show on an island full of guns and traps. In the end, there can only be one alive.

The Culling is now available for PCs since last year, and even joined our list of best games of the year. Check out our review here.

Shu (Vita): charismatic and challenging hand-drawn 2D platform game where a group of cute little creatures must join forces to save their village from evil.