Capcom promises a serious one-man campaign.

The recently released side of the Resident Evil series has failed so much that the publisher Capcom is working hard to ensure that the upcoming Resident Evil 6 grind out any chips. According to the latest news, (not only) this is why they are paying very serious attention to the one-man campaign, which promises to provide roughly twice as much playing time as RE5. The story will run on three threads, each accounting for roughly 70-80% of the length of the previous section (which, however, cannot be considered a straight antecedent). The three threads also represent three pairs of characters: the first is about the struggle of old acquaintance Leon Kennedy and his new partner Helena Harper in Tall Oaks; the Eastern European Adventures of the second Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin; while the third tells the Chinese struggle between Chris Redfield and Tony Ponce. Of course, in all three cases, zombies are the problem. The release is a little far away, due on October 2nd.


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