The Resident Evil 7 Biohazard DLC, Confidential Movies Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, have been available for a few weeks now. The latest DLC includes a revised version of the Twenty-one card game, the scenario Daughters as well as a bonus mission called Jack’s 55th Birthday. In this guide we will show you how to get the true ending of the Daughters movie, helping you make the right choice in the final stage.

If you don’t know how to access the two new DLCs, just follow this simple guide to play the Banned Footage DLC. Once you have found the “Daughters” movie, just start the videotape.

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Immediately after the opening scene, in which we will see a short introductory video about the family and Eveline, we will gain control of Zoe. Go to the dining room right away and watch your brother Lucas struggling with unlocking his phone. Memorize the code that will appear on the screen 1019, it will come in handy during the game. Now go to the laundry room, near the dining room, and get the clean clothes on the washing machine for Eveline. At this point, go through the gap in the chamber and pick up the lockpick along the way. Once you get to the top floor, head to the bathroom.

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As soon as you enter, you will have to open the drawer using the lock pick found previously, thus obtaining a small component. At this point you can go to the room where Eveline rests, but don’t interact with her immediately, but instead examine the Lucas trophy on the shelf on the right. You will notice that there is a small slot in the trophy, in which you have to insert the component found previously in the bathroom. Once inserted, the switch is pressed, you will have access to a secret room.

Go up the ladder and reach the laptop at the end of the attic. Do you remember the unlock code on Lucas’ cell phone? Using the same combination of numbers you can unlock the computer. Read the file that will appear on the screen and return to the bedroom, finally interacting with Eveline. Once this is done, go to the lower level of the house and check the lifeless body of Lucas, lying on the floor of the dining room.

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Head back to the upstairs bathroom, where you will find Marguerite and Jack being controlled by Eveline. Run away and find shelter in the recreation room. As soon as the two are gone, enter the adjacent bedroom and grab the fork placed on the table, which you will need to remove the wooden planks that bar the window. Crawl out and continue to the right until you find a red toolbox that contains a key in the shape of a dog’s head. Keep going, and once you get to the main hall, try not to let Marguerite discover you.

If you manage not to be discovered, you will unlock the real ending of the movie. Use the dog-shaped key to open the corresponding door and enter the caravan in the garden, read the file on the table and observe Mia’s helpless body on the bed, then enjoy the final movie.

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If, on the other hand, you are discovered by Marguerite, a video will start in which you will give you the car keys. Head to the garage trying to avoid Jack, enter the vehicle and enjoy the rather macabre alternate ending.


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