The series resident Evil was born in the first Playstation with its iconic tank gameplay, fixed cameras, pre-rendered backgrounds with 3D characters. But the series also ventured into the classic Game Boy Color as a 2D top-down adventure in the form of Resident Evil Gaiden. And now this game is being recreated in 3D!

The remake, called Project Starlightuses the engine Resident Evil 2 to recreate the scenarios Resident Evil Gaiden in a 3D environment, putting the player in control of Barry Burton on a ship whose crew and passengers have been turned into zombies.

Check out a short video showing the gameplay of this project:

And, for comparison purposes, here’s what the gameplay of the original Game Boy Color version was like:

Resident Evil Gaiden It had a weird gameplay to say the least. As it was not possible to recreate the original gameplay of the Playstation on the laptop Nintendowhat was made was a top-down progression game, with battles a rhythmic button-press style to land shots at the zombies.

But with this remake, we have the good old gameplay of yesteryear, based on tank movement and real-time shooting, which will definitely please old fans of the franchise! the remake of Resident Evil Gaiden doesn’t have a release date yet, but given the apparent progress of the project, will we be able to play it anytime soon? at least the capcom is much friendlier than other companies cough cough Nintendo when it comes to fan-created work!


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