Latest information has been released about the recently announced new Resident Evil game.

It was recently announced that the Resident Evil series gets another episode Operation Raccoon City subtitle, but so far not much has been known about the new part. Now, thanks to Official Xbox Magazine, the first information has arrived, let’s see what’s in the news?
The new game is developed by SOCOM: Confrontation developer, Slant Six Games makes and will be a team-based action game in terms of style, in which, together with up to three of our friends, we must hide in the skin of American soldiers and destroy the infected and remove traces of infection. The story will take place during Resident Evil 2, after the outbreak of the epidemic, and we promise we can even rewrite the history of the series in it. We’ll meet more familiar characters we can even kill. There will be three factions fighting in Raccoon City, US Spec Ops, USS and BOW (Bio-organic Weapons). The latter will, of course, be sent into battle by the Umbrella Corporation.
The game is scheduled to arrive on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this winter.


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