Characters of Nintendo do not appear in games from other studios and for other consoles. if you want to see mario, Link, Samus and all the rich cast of Big N, the only way is to have a Super Nintendo, a DS, a Wii U, or currently, a Nintendo Switch it is a 3DS. But did you know that the mario, in the past, made some visits on other consoles?

If today you find it curious to see the mario running across the screens of iOS It’s from Android, be aware that the favorite mustachioed of video games has already made appearances on consoles that are not from the Nintendo. Whether for commercial reasons, or for the possibility of getting better sales, come with us to check out the times our red hat hero left the kingdom of mushrooms to take care of your business elsewhere.

Donkey Kong – Atari 2600

the classic Donkey Kong, freely inspired by King Kong, came out to arcades in 1981, at which time the Nintendo it didn’t have its own console, so it took its games to arcades, and later, to several versions, including the Atari 2600, O Commodore 64 it’s the TRS-80, gives tandy. At that time, his name was jumpman, but it’s still the debut of mario in the gaming world.

Hotel Mario – CD-i

remember the Super Nintendo on CD that would be made in partnership with Sony, and then with the Phillips? Well, we all know that the project didn’t work out and while the Sony went ahead and prepared your Playstation, a Phillips bet on a multimedia center for CDs, and with the license of Nintendo, produced some games for your system.

Hotel Mario was one of these aberrations, which put our dear character in a game with no head and tails, and with cutscenes that traumatize all those who have the courage to watch them.

Mario Teaches Typing – PC

In the 90s, computers began to become more and more popular, and typing courses were gradually replacing typing, with the advantage of educational software helping people to learn better. Anyone who took a computer course at this time certainly remembers those programs that simulated his writing on the screen, and it turned out that, through Interplay, the mario appeared to teach typing.

The game is basically an adapted version of stages from Super Mario World, with soundtrack and everything, but the control here are words or texts that you need to type to pass the stage, and learn by playing. Despite the rough voice they gave to mario, and for the animations too simple, until the game fulfills its objective well.

Mario Bros. – Atari 2600

It’s the mario did not just visit the Atari 2600, he returned to the console later for his own adventure. the classic Mario Bros. it came out to arcades in 1983, but soon came to consoles, and this time, to the family, the newest system from Nintendo. However, in a very rare case, the Big N also authorized versions of the game for various platforms, such as the Atari 2600, O Atari 5200, O Apple II and several other computers. as the family it was still new, maybe the Nintendo I wanted to raise some money with the help of these other platforms… imagine if that happened today?

Punch Ball Mario – PC 8801

O PC 8801 was a Japanese computer from NEC, which later arrived in the United States and allowed to run games, among other functions. And, interestingly, here the Mario Bros. got a version with a red ball, similar to the dodgeballs we used to play at school. In other words, in addition to jumping to defeat enemies, it was also possible to play such a ball.

Mario is Missing – PC

Another ugly duckling in the story of mario, this one was not produced by Nintendo. work of The Software Toolworks, which had the license of the Nintendo, Mario is Missing went out to the NES it’s the Super Nintendo, but it also gained versions for Macintosh and FROM. It’s an educational game, with questions about geography, to investigate the search for the missing hero.

Super Mario Bros & Friends: When I Grow Up – PC

in addition to the Paint, there were coloring software that made the children happy at the time when having a computer meant doing nothing during the time when you couldn’t connect to the Internet. And, once again, the Nintendo licensed your character so that the Merit Software develop educational software, which allowed children to color different images, and could even print them later.

Super Mario Bros. Special – PC-8801

Look at another clueless version appearing for PC-8801 there! This time, in addition to a game that is very sluggish and with a surprising blinker, which denounces the poor quality of the port, the version of Super Mario Bros. to the computer of NEC, was released only in Japan and I’m glad it stayed there.

Nelsonic Super Mario Bros – Watch

Why smartwatch, if you can have a nice watch like that? THE Nelson had the brilliant idea of ​​taking the concept of Game & Watch, namely, to take advantage of background images with characters interacting on a top layer, and took the gameplay of Donkey Kong for a watch, which had a directional pad and everything.

despite the name Super Mario 3 and from the art of the game to NES, no phases in the pulse, at least at this time. Today it is possible, through smartwatches Android, run emulators on the wrist, which may even have controls for the game, if both devices have bluetooth.

Mario’s Time Machine – PC

THE Nintendo must have earned a lot of money by licensing the mario for educational games. This time, the target was the story, which, with a time machine, took the mustache to various times in history, with very precarious gameplay.

Mario’s Game Gallery – PC

mario one day he shouted Interplay before a game, who would say? Because our journey ends with another adventure of mario at the SQUARE, With your Game Gallery taking the gang of mushroom kingdom for an exciting game of… cards and board! With some interesting animations, and an Italian accent for our hero, the idea of ​​taking the universe of mario for these games until it was a great embryo for what would be the Mario Party that would come later.

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