Around the year 2000, everything was treated as a “millennium version”. The Olympics, the products, the events and even the Windows they had some “Millennium” in the name. In the gaming world, it was no different. And the fight of the millennium was, in fact, between two fighting game giants not only of their time, but of all times: the colossi of Capcom and SNK they would, finally, resolve their differences in the same “ring”.

Among several games released, one in particular deserves good attention: SNK vs. Capcom. The first game in this series of crossovers came out for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. the laptop of SNK, which struggled for some years for a space in the world of handhelds, bet on a version, to attract fans of fighting games, at a time when the genre was not very explored in small video games.

To remember this story, we go back in time, with the help of Switch. SNK kindly sent us a copy of SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of The Millennium for the hybrid of Nintendo, to remember the game, and see how it behaves on the current console.

So, if you like fighting games, come remember with us this important episode of the genre.

Going back in the millennium combat time

Anyone who lived through the 90s and was already into video games, knows that there were, among several options, two sovereigns when it came to fighting games: especially at the end of this decade, Street Fighter and The King of Fighters they were the kings of arcades in Brazil and around the world. Each new game that was released generated joy, discussion, learning new moves and fighting systems and lots of fun.

In addition Capcom, Besides Street Fighter, was also successful with his series Versus, also taking advantage of its period partnership with the Marvel who, in turn, had also done a “versus”, in a sequence of comics with their heroes coming out on the arm against the heroes of A.D. Anyway, it was the time of crossovers. Marvel vs. Capcom it was also very successful, by the way.

So it was natural that the two biggest fighting game universes of a generation also shared the same universe. Getting straight to the point, without too much detail, SNK and Capcom signed an agreement with shared games. one made by SNK and adapting the characters of the Capcom for your game style. And another made by Capcom, doing the same, this time with the The King of Fighters.

In fact, there were four games that came out in this series: SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 (which has the reference to Kaiser beer), Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 and SNK vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos. In addition, card games were also developed, two for the Neo Geo Pocket, plus a version for the Nintendo DS.

The first game of this union, made for the Neo Geo Pocket, and the SNK vs. Capcom. Made by SNK and sharing the universe of Street Fighter and other games from the Japanese colleague, it was one of the games that called attention to the Neo Geo Pocket Color, the second onslaught of SNK to try to pull a bit of the disputed slice (but dominated by the Nintendo) era of the portable consoles of the 90s.

How is SNK vs. Capcom on Neo Geo Pocket?

As the game is practically the same in Nintendo Switch, so you can explain how the game is. It is even necessary to consider that, as the Neo Geo Pocket Color was not very popular in Brazil, few had access to this game, in 1999, when it was released. But, due to the coverage made by the magazines, and the curiosity of many, it is still possible to have people wanting to know the game today. And I guarantee it: this is a very fun game.

The game has 26 characters, of which eight are secret. A pretty high number for a handheld game of its time. It is possible to participate in one-on-one combats, as it is in Street Fighter, in pairs, remembering the format Versus gives Capcom and in trios, as in The King of Fighters.

It is also possible to choose your energy bar, from the default Capcom or the pattern SNK. Each character has a rival, to be found in story mode. The story mode, in fact, is well done, although very simple, very reminiscent of current modes, with a story being played out during the fights. Or even, taking good inspiration from the cinematographic format of Art of Fighting, released seven years earlier.

Despite having a greater focus on Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, the game also has characters from Samurai Shodown, darkstalkers, and even the Arthur in Ghosts’n Goblins. In this story mode, you face single, duo or trio characters. Highlighted at the end of the game, with a pair of geese and bison. With Iori Orochi or evil ryu (depending on the choice of the character SNK or Capcom) waiting for you for the final fight.

To keep the content, it is still possible to enjoy the Olympic Mode (this name was clearly inspired by the Sydney Olympics in 2000, which was treated as “the millennium games”, just like everything else at that time. This mode has very interesting minigames , with reward points to be used in special attacks.

At the Neo Geo Pocket Color, it was even possible to link the laptop to the dreamcast, to explore further Capcom vs. SNK to the console, transferring data, similar to connecting Pokemon in Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64. Survival and Time Attack modes also expand the possibilities.

Visually, the game is still beautiful, with very neat scenarios and well-made animations. Control is responsive and the soundtrack is based on the original game soundtracks. Of course, with the limitation that a notebook of the time offered. But you can see a lot of quality, in 1999 and today, in this version of Nintendo Switch.

On Nintendo Switch

the console of Nintendo offers the same as games from Neo Geo Pocket Color offer: a scenario that simulates the laptop, and the image of the game in the center, which can be zoomed and adjusted to the player’s taste. You can also configure the buttons, and use the “rewind” mode, which rewinds the game time to correct an error.

In portable mode, the game looks very interesting, giving the impression of actually playing a Neo Geo Pocket. The only problem here, at least in my opinion, is the control of the Switch. at least the Switch pattern. The controller is not very suitable for fighting games, even a simpler game, made for portable.

And, although it is also possible in portable mode, with the console connected to the TV, it is possible to play the game in a more interesting way. After all, the Switch it has several control options. There are several solutions, own controls and even sticks focused on fighting games, which help, a lot, in the gameplay. Besides the fact that you can split the screen, and simulate two Neo Geo Pockets, in case of a fight with a friend.

Note that it’s not the game’s fault, which has an agile, simple and fun gameplay. It’s the default hardware limitation that slightly diminishes the accuracy that a game of this genre needs. But, on the other hand, there is a great benefit: the possibility to resume the game as soon as you reopen the game, with a great save state. The story of “starting all over again” is over when I turn off the game.

An important chapter of games on Switch

Not just as a game, but as part of the history of fighting games, SNK vs. Capcom in Neo Geo Pocket Color is a very fun option in Switch. Despite the limitations of the genre that the console has, its fun is immense. Including the versus mode, which was more complex in 1999, and is now resolved only with the Joy-Cons, among other possibilities.

It’s not a game to fully dominate, like its “brothers” of arcades and desktop consoles. But it’s casual fun that impresses as it continues to work so well, even today. Out of date, we only have the basic elements of the game, as it is a game that is still beautiful to look at, pleasant in its details, and a lot of fun, within what it proposes.

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of The Millennium is already available on eshop of Nintendo Switch.


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