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Returnal for PS5 has infinite replay value


Returnal for PS5 has infinite replay value

The developer known for Returnal has said that the said game on the PlayStation 5 offers “unlimited replayability”. Housemarque says they strive to deliver a good story, and that the game will be designed in such a way that the adventure will be constantly captivating and replayable. The grim world in which you play will therefore always provide new possibilities and discoveries. Gregory Louden from the developer continues.

In our games we have always adopted the core arcade philosophy. We want to create something with unlimited value. So Returnal is not much different and our central pillar of the game is that the game has a ‘design for replayability’. Everything we put into the game has been conceived with the thought: How will this rehearsal survive? Everything that is only fun to experience once, will therefore be experienced once in the game.

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