We’ve been waiting for this moment. Call of Duty: Black Ops created by Treyarch saw the light of day. It found its way into the hands of hungry fans from all over the world. Yes, I had a lot of internal doubts before the release of this game. Or a studio famous for its infamous Call of Duty 3 and much better, but only an extension of the Modern Warfare form Call of Duty: World at War, will actually mature on the ruins of Infinity Ward? I will not keep you in suspense any longer.

Black Ops From the very first minutes, it squeezes the player into the chair and immediately makes it clear that it is an integral part of the most cinematic console series. And by far the most dynamic, there is absolutely no doubt about that. But but! There will also be moments of doubt, moments of reflection and constantly bulging eyes at the sight of what is happening on the screen of your TV. So customary …

Like any great movie Black Ops in single player mode it ends very quickly. This should be made clear at the very beginning of the review. And although 5-7 hours is not as scandalous as the Medal of Honor achieved, we still want more and more. Importantly, you will absolutely not be able to call the time spent with the Activision hit wasted. During the game, we have a constant impression that all the actions presented here (about which later) make up a virtual cutout of the best themes from various action movies. Of course, the classics of war cinema will find their place here. But how about a reference to the cult … Forrest Gump? Or an arcane meeting with JF Kennedy? I’m not going to spoil anything here, because that’s not what the review is for, but similar moments simply sweep the floor.

Who did not like the totally idiotic (though masterfully led) storyline of Modern Warfare 2, can be calm when buying Black Ops. Agent Mason is interrogated and by answering individual questions he reveals the details of the operations in which he participated. It is not hard to guess that the events presented in the game will be a flashback of events that have already taken place and that Mason remembers. But take it easy! There will be no bombs dropped on Washington, no Russian invasion of the US with conventional weapons, or any other idiot.

What do we get in return for actions like the Chernobyl mission in the first and the siege of the Russian gulag in the second Modern Warfare? It’s a passionate, action-packed and uncertain prison break that will get more heads flying than you might expect. There is taking over nuclear warheads and destroying one rocket with the other with the active participation of the player, which in my private opinion is one of the best moments in the entire Call of Duty series, starting with the first part released in 2003! We also have brutal interrogations where the victims are electrocuted, hardcore actions like eyeball tearing (really!) Or a motorbike escape that would actually be suitable for a high-budget Hollywood action movie. There will also be actions taken straight from science-fiction movies, but this series has already got us used to such things. We do not object, because similar actions throw a really solid thrill on the back. What’s next? Helicopter combat is so exciting and fantastically realized that … I will not write anything about it here. Really, I recommend checking it all out for yourself. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes another step towards making the series a console movie with very active player participation. The game is not played. This title is a live experience. I know what I’m saying.

Black Ops is powered by exactly the same engine as World at War. And I will say yes. In the previous title, Treyarch displayed a maximum of 20 characters at a time. Here, it has been improved so that less than 80 characters can appear on the screen at the same time, practically without any cuts, which you will be able to observe in the helicopter mission I mentioned before. Unfortunately, it’s hard to disagree with the first opinions that the game looks nice, but a bit outdated. You can see that the engine is already worn out, also if Activision intends to milk fans for the next few years, in my opinion it should think about switching to a completely new graphics engine on the occasion of the next part. Of course, Black Ops looks very good, in my humble opinion it beats the Medal of Honor by several lengths. And it’s a bit prettier than Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, there are a few moments where the game turns out to be just … ugly. Like the grenade explosions, which you can see in one of the last screenshots of the review. Errors appear very rarely, but it is mainly related to the total script of the game. Sure, it happens that we deal with endless waves of enemies flying at us until we reach the point set by the game. However, soldiers popping out of nowhere were avoided, which was at times the bane of Modern Warfare 2 and the notorious Medal of Honor problem. Oh, and guess what? The interaction with the environment has been significantly increased. In Black Ops, you can destroy much more elements of the decor and landscape than in the empty in this respect previous installments of the series. Shock.

What’s new in the weapon arsenal? Crossbow with an optical sight equipped with various types of missiles (even explosives) and a weapon that throws fire projectiles. Only this and so much. The rest are typical representatives of poppers in FPS games. More importantly, Black Ops is definitely more brutal than Modern Warfare. Yes! Now grenades do not throw enemy bodies to the sides. They are able to tear them apart completely! Limbs fly like crazy, especially when Agent Mason is holding the Shotgun in his hands. We are then able to completely dismember the opponent. The whole thing adds flavor to the fun and looks really great, as long as you can of course say that about the image of a broken leg lying under our feet. The image of the war as one looks. The more that the conflict in Vietnam was very, very clearly outlined in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Sincerely? I had never participated in an operation similar to the one in Vietnam, but I was imagining it exactly as Treyarch showed me. Bravo!

Before we move on to the main meat of the review, I will mention the artificial intelligence of the opponents, which, let’s not be afraid to say it, is at a very high level. Our helpers do not spare ammunition, they can properly hide behind covers, hit an uncomfortable opponent, and at the same time they make very accurate comments about our actions on the battlefield, which simply makes the time spent with the game more enjoyable. Opponents? As in Call of Duty, they hide well behind covers, play tactical battles well in the end … run out at us like a swarm of Russian soldiers from World War II and be shot down with one series of machine guns. And those damn grenades they throw at us at practically the least expected moments. Simply a massacre! Four types of difficulty levels will allow you to adjust the game to your own abilities and preferences. And here’s a warning. Call of Duty: Black Ops is at the Veteran difficulty level a little easier than the previous installments of the series, which absolutely does not change the fact that you will be forced to start the game many times from the next, very sensibly and densely spaced checkpoints. However, hardcore players can be disappointed. The Sunday boys, in turn, will kiss Treyarch employees on the feet. Well, the fashion of our time for simplifying games is in full swing.

Multiplayer. It’s probably for the multiplayer mode that many of you have purchased (or are going to) Call of Duty: Black Ops. Of course, it’s too early to talk about it, but in my opinion, Black Ops has a chance to beat both the first and the second Modern Warfare, even despite the noticeable errors and stumbles that Treyarch did not avoid. I don’t know what the next days and months will bring, but as of today Black Ops seems to be by far the most extensive and deep multi-player shooter of all time. In addition to the fiddly options, perks, the possibility of individual creation of your virtual hero and a sea of ​​other cool gadgets, we even have the option of changing the sight in our ACOG, by changing the colors and badges on our weapons, and ending with special costumes. Yes, the whole thing serves only to make us the greatest individual on the battlefield, having absolutely no impact on even the performance of the weapon. Nice patent! What is the most captivating? It may seem funny to you, but a remote-controlled car with a camera mounted on it. Can you believe that thanks to it, we can observe live in the corner of the screen what is happening in a given part of the map and that we are able to effectively monitor the enemy’s actions?

The effectiveness of the weapon is perfectly balanced. There are no stalemate situations in Black Ops, in which one weapon can destroy the opponent with one accurate shot from unknown distance, so that the other one cannot even finish off the opponent escaping in panic. Sure, I haven’t unlocked many perks and weapons yet, but you can already see that significant changes in this matter in relation to Modern Warfare 2 will not allow any major abuse. Individual Kill Streaks have also been weakened, which are not as exaggerated as in Modern Warfare 2, at least in my subjective opinion. And it seems to me that I know what I am saying, because for a long time I have had the opportunity to play another duels in the colors of a pretty good Call of Duty clan. The maps are large and varied. Everyone will find something for themselves. Some of them favor joyful chasing with rifles, others, in turn, abound in several places ideal for well-trained snipers. The number of game modes is also satisfying, because how could it be otherwise in the case of Call of Duty. We haven’t mastered all the nooks and crannies of the maps yet, so the servers can be full of chaotic soldiers running around, but the level will certainly level out over time. I am sure that in some time I will have to write for you about multiplayer again, because Treyarch will certainly try to pamper his new child to the limit by issuing new patches. I can only say that, contrary to appearances, Black Ops is not a cheesy copy of Modern Warfare 2. The multiplayer mode would be almost perfect, if not for one very important detail …

While Single Player is practically free from any animation cuts (fixed, full 60fps), the Multi is unfortunately a mix of 60 and 30fps, with a lottery admixture of falling animation fluidity. I don’t know what the fault is. At first, I thought my copy was simply defective. But the moment spent in the company of Uncle Google made it clear to me that I am not an isolated case, especially since there is the same problem on the PC. Yes! It happens that with more grenades exploding, the smoothness of the animation in Black Ops immediately flies to the face, which was absolutely not the case in Modern Warfare 2. These are marginal events and do not significantly spoil the pleasure of interacting with the game, but the fact is that the clipping is there. And it is impossible not to note them and thus lower the final grade. We are counting on a suitable patch!

Anyway, a new king of online FPS is being born before our eyes. A few marginal lapses are not able to destroy the image of a very deeply thought-out, dynamic and very exciting game in both single and multiplayer modes. Despite the fact that the Polish language version has once again turned out to be tragic, and the translations of individual game modes or skills call for vengeance to heaven, the next months will still be marked by the dismemberment of opponents in Call of Duty. 4.5 million pre-order customers can’t be wrong. Besides, v Black Ops zombies are back, which for some will be by far the strongest argument in favor of a possible purchase of the Activision hit. Cause you know what? It’s just worth spending your hard-earned or saved money on it. Seriously.


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