If we ask PlayStation 4 owners what associations they have with remasters, the answers will be rather negative. I shoot that it is similar all over the world. Still, Activision decided to call the renewed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) a remaster. Despite the fact that it is a perfectly made remake.

The idea to refresh Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) has been knocking on Activision’s door for several years. Fans initially asked for a remake, then for a remaster with slightly improved graphics, which was supposed to be some way out of the situation for the biggest fans of the series. In the end, Activision gave in and gave the Raven team the game for a complete overhaul. The Ravens didn’t disappoint, and with the conservative Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4), it’s not a big abuse to say that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4) is the powerhouse of the Call of Duty franchise this fall.

The developer approached refreshing the production with full awareness of its cult character. Therefore, it was decided not to touch the mechanics of the game or the content itself. On the one hand, we have a completely pimped out technical aspect of the game, and on the other – the content identical to the original. The longer I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4), the more I understood that it just couldn’t be otherwise. Despite the fact that the tooth of time has greatly chewed the mechanics presented in Modern Warfare, it is also the greatest advantage that distinguishes this title on today’s market. Do not be afraid there is a numbness. The fact that the core of the game (i.e. how you shoot) remained the same for so many years meant that I did not have to switch to FPS too much without double jumps, several meters long slides and weapons repackaged with technology. In fact, the only problem I had with this title while playing the campaign is the rigidly scripted gameplay. Here the script is really rushed with a different script and if we hurry too much, enemies will appear behind our backs and end our lives with a series of out of nowhere. This aspect shows that even Call of Duty has evolved and in subsequent editions it has been significantly reduced. Because it’s tiring, believe me. What’s worse, by the end of the campaign, I was not able to change the gameplay. In each mission, I was killed at least twice, simply running a few steps too far and ahead of the script that was about to fire.

Besides, I have nothing to attach to. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4) is my first contact with the fourth part of Call of Duty, so I approached the whole game without pink glasses and a dose of nostalgia, receiving subsequent missions a bit differently. But I am still very impressed with the direction of the Chernobyl mission and the ending itself. The idea to base the story on the message that you just die in war, no matter who you are, and even now, several years after the premiere.

The whole thing ends with the online multiplayer mode, which … I didn’t like it and I’m not afraid to say that I was much more interested in what Infinite Warfare offers. Does this mean that the multiplayer in the Modern Warfare remaster is bad? No. It is exactly as it was in the original. Dynamic and focused on perfect control of small maps. The original has been transferred with all the pros and cons, including the ubiquitous motorhomes. Unfortunately, if someone is allergic to them, he will get white fever here. I have had rounds where practically the entire opponent’s team consisted of guys equipped with sniper rifles and sticking my nose against the wall ended up headshot. On top of that, I add the fatal respawn points. Respawn in front of the opponent, with my back to him, is the norm and I am not able to justify it. Nevertheless, the online game surprised me. I expected that there would not be too many people on the servers, since to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4), you have to buy an expensive (for well over PLN 300) edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4). With this conviction, I clicked on matchmaking and instinctively grabbed the phone to read what was happening on the Internet while the game searched for a match. Imagine my surprise when it took … three seconds to search and join the game. Yes. I’m not exaggerating. If we want to join a game, it happens very quickly.

I would not perceive this remake so positively if not for the visual setting. Raven has used most of the technological innovations in the video game category so that Modern Warfare does not differ too much from new productions. Of course, when we start rummaging, we will notice that the environment is much more sterile than in the newer installments of the series, and the boards we run on have one, narrow path that we can reach our destination. But it is all packed so nicely that it is impossible to underestimate it. The whole remake is also a good example showing that the series is evolving and, despite being faithful to its basic assumptions (scripted and spectacular action), it changes in line with the trends prevailing on the market. It is also worth noting that we get Polish subtitles and these are much better than what was prepared for us in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4). The language barrier disappears. Any other obstacle? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4) will not be bought separately. Not yet…

The game was reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro.


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