Dark Souls Remastered is advertised on the back cover with the text “The source of the legendary game meme”. Even though it is Demon’s Souls was the first to advertise Form Software in the West, Dark Souls It became famous in the game world not only for its quality, but also for the level of difficulty, which for Sunday players and Western journalists gave birth to the meme “XYZ is the Dark Souls of the genre …”.

However, the truth is that Dark Souls has never been an overly difficult game. On the contrary – seasoned after Demon’s Souls players felt like a fish in the water and had no major problems with the other Souls. But popularity brings negative aspects and in the eyes of people playing half their working lives on the easiest difficulty level of walking simulators, Dark Souls was the greatest challenge they faced.

Dark Souls it was also famous for its extremely poor technical layer, both on consoles and PC. Console releases were ugly, had huge problems with liquidity (who at least times was in Blighttown on PS3, this one knows what I’m talking about), and the network connection left a lot to be desired for a long time. A lot can be said about the PC port, but the most telling is the fact that if not for Durante with his DSFix, which allowed the game to run at higher resolutions, and to activate anti-aliasing, the game would never have achieved such success there. Therefore, a remaster release was needed.

Polish studio QLOCthat knows how few people know about porting games from the previous generation, decided to improve Dark Souls Remastered only on the technical level, without changing anything in the gameplay except for some improvements to the interface or letting more players into the online game. On the one hand, I understand the publisher’s decision, because still Dark Souls unchanged is a great game, on the other hand – a problematic camera is something I would like to see in a better version.

The graphic refresh of the title entailed a few new textures, a game in 1080p (or higher resolution on PS4 Pro), as well as (most of all) 60 frames per second. Someone who says it’s nothing to do with a game like this may be right, but the end result is worth a remaster. Not only does the game react faster and better to our commands, but you can finally explore the infamous Blighttown, where the drops on PS3 they were reaching 12 frames per second with zero visibility.

Of course, you have to be aware that this is an old game and at the time of release it was not very impressive graphically. What was masked by the lower resolution sometimes comes to the fore here and it is not saved by slightly better textures or subtle graphic effects … although the new engine responsible for lighting in many locations does the job.

In cases like this, the question is often asked who is actually intended for the remaster. Let’s face it – people who started their contact with the soulslike genre from Bloodborne, they will have big problems in switching. Dark Souls it is much slower, stiffer to play, and therefore more unpleasant. And it is this group that may feel that the game is unfairly difficult. On the other hand, we have series veterans who do not need to be convinced anyway, because in Dark Souls Remastered will play. Maybe not necessarily at the premiere price (PLN 169 is a bit too much in my opinion), but with the first reductions – yes.

However, it is worth taking an interest Dark Souls Remastered. We get an add-on in the package “Artorias of the Abyss”that allows us to face terribly difficult bosses, including an amazing fight with Artorias. Stand Dark Souls it is characterized by the best level design in the entire series, great music and unforgettable moments. It is also the most polished when it comes to the entire world creation and history we learn. The fight with Ornstein and Smough is still terribly difficult, the fight with Gwyn is amazing and even the Bed of Chaos, which is the work of someone crazy, does not change that.

If you come back to Dark Souls, it’s only in remaster. Once you play in 60 frames, you won’t be able to switch back to the cinematic 15 FPS of the original from the previous generation.

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro

The code for review was provided by Cenega.


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