Say that Destiny 2 it’s the most anticipated premiere of this year, it’s like saying nothing. Destiny it was driven by a gigantic wave of expectations rushed by marketing, but unfortunately – at the time of its premiere it did not meet the expectations. The game was simply poor in content due to a problematic development process. Destiny 2 fortunately, he does not commit his predecessor’s mistake.

Reviewing games that are represented, among others through Destiny 2is a rather thankless task. The text you are reading today will be a little out of date in six months’ time. In a year – it will lose its value when Bungie implements some of its plans for post-launch support. Plus loyal fans Destiny they would soak into the game, no matter what it was, since in the predecessor after the premiere they were able to spend dozens of hours, despite the complete lack of meaningful content and virtually no plot. Sam with Destiny I spent quite a lot of time by my online gaming standards. However, I started (reasonably) with The Taken Kingso I had a year ahead of me to develop the game with new (and great) content. By reviewing Destiny 2 I have the opportunity to start my adventure with the title from scratch and … fortunately I feel almost like in contact with The Taken King.

Destiny 2 from the very beginning, it offers us so much diverse content that, in addition to story missions, we finally have what in the created by Bungie world to do. Similar to Destiny, we go from orbit to one of the four planets, where we can move freely. IN Destiny 2 However, locations have grown significantly – not only on a macro scale, but also on a micro scale, offering spaces with a unique design and overloaded with details that give the character of the location. Larger locations have been filled with side quests that we can activate at any time without returning to orbit (finally!), Several types of patrols (quick and short missions with less satisfactory rewards), and rebuilt public events were added. IN Destiny they were just flushed – too easy and without specific awards they could not attract anyone. IN Destiny 2 We’ve made sure that there is more variety and better rewards if we manage to activate the Heroic version, which usually requires some extra steps from us. Public events rotate in several places on the map, so we have the feeling that something is happening in the world all the time.

Bungie it has also satisfied people who like to search for treasures in games with a more or less open world. The game features dungeon mini-versions, in which, after a short exploration and a boss fight, we can open a chest with a randomly awarded treasure. There are a lot of such locations on each of the maps, and they are not made once, so you will never feel that there is nothing to do in the game – at least when it comes to PvE fun.

Of course Destiny It would not be itself if the maps did not hide many interesting secrets, which this time, apart from the fact of being something hidden, sell us scraps of the history of the world and what may await us in the near future. This move is a reaction to criticism of the Grimoire card system in the previous installment, which then shifted the burden of telling about the game world. Now we have everything inside and the cards have been abandoned. It is not something extremely painful, although with it we lost access to the extensive statistics of our gameplay and small bonuses such as greater chances of getting better items from a given race of enemies if we killed their X during the game. Destiny 2 it is filled with such design decisions. Something that w Destiny did not fully function well, in Destiny 2 as a rule it fell out, instead of being corrected. A good example is the changes in skills and additional equipment perks.

Do not kid yourself – Destiny wasn’t an elaborate title for the freedom to create your own Guardian builds. We chose one of the three skills in a given category in one of three subclasses. The key was the complementarity of the fireteam. As is in Destiny 2? Basically – very similar. Grenades and jumps remained as they are, but there was an option to put up a small or larger energy barrier, and to choose one of the two development paths. These offer four skills each using different playing styles. Neither path is fixed, so we can switch between them. Bungie so it decided that it would not correct anything and do nothing. So it was mixed up and the end result is obviously similar. Larger changes have affected additional perks in the inventory. These … flew out, at least in the same style as before. Previously, we had some influence on which features would distinguish a weapon or a piece of armor. Everything is predefined here, so a given – let’s say – a rifle will offer the same set of abilities regardless of who is using it. To compensate for this, we were given the option to install selected mods, but here too – only one per weapon. Is it a worse solution? Not necessarily. But certainly easier, because no one in Bungie he did not have to bother with the balance in reduced PvP.

Yes, PvP has shrunk to eight people, which has received constant criticism. After playing the beta, I didn’t quite know what to think about this decision. After another few hours with the full version, I know only that this move forced the creation of a harmonious fireteam. One weaker player and we’ll almost always get our asses. It’s hard to get away from the impression that this move was dictated by the entrance Destiny 2 for PCs and the desire to expand into a market loosely related to esports, where 4 out of 4 is supposed to provide more excitement. Because it is in theory and sometimes in practice. The clashes are more intense, often shorter, which naturally increases the interest of the potential viewer. In multiplayer, in addition to a smaller number of players, there is also a new mode with defusing bombs, but just like in the beta it was not for me, the same is now. The rounds in it are simply too short, and if I have to play with others, I prefer to spend more time on it at one time. What has not changed is thankfully the map design which is exceptionally good. Maybe they don’t offer views like those from Destinybut it’s not bad and everything is ahead. Although it’s a pity that Bungie (or maybe Activision?) again decided that the next PvP maps will be closed with paid add-ons.

Story. Its lack (or rather a tragic performance) was most criticized after the zero content of the post game “ones”. Bungie improved a lot with the release The Taken King and Rise of Ironbut still some shadow of fear in my head before the premiere was sitting. The studio did not disappoint me, but I am also far from being delighted in this direction. Generally – when I compared myself Destiny 2 and The Taken King, it is the addition to the first part that looks better in this respect. A totally bland antagonist is to blame. Ghaul, the leader of the Cabal Red Legion, was portrayed from the beginning as the one to break the Guardians. Undefeated, fearful of his enemies … yeah, sure. Ghaul is called the space potato from the beginning, which makes sense not only because of its appearance. His charisma is equal to that of a boiled potato, which is a huge disappointment after an interesting beginning of the game. Rock collapse, loss of Light, poor prospects with hundreds if not thousands of dead Guardians … all in order to return (at least partially) to the state before the attack in the third mission. I hope, however, that the next threads will be better developed. Just like editing cutscenes with gameplay, because sometimes I felt as if something was missing and watched the editing cut by an amateur. Which has a little negative impact on the reception of even a good story. Just like the Polish version of the game. The translation itself is not bad, there are – yes – that spoil the meaning of the translation, but the appropriate style and sense of humor have been maintained. However, Polish voices are worse, as they rise above mediocrity at the most. However, it is worth noting that the Polish version is there and people who do not speak English will not feel lost.

Fortunately, with many changes, the basics remain untouched. We are still dealing with a lighter version of the MMOFPS, which primarily focuses on playing with friends, but not forgetting about loners without company to play. Gunplay (aka shooting) has remained unchanged and is still great in every aspect. Even castles in the defense itself … defend themselves. The “common, additional and heavy weapons” division was abandoned in favor of kinetic, energy (ideal for enemies with shields) and heavy. New types have been added (a grenade launcher, which is much better than in the beta, or a fusion rifle) and they fit together perfectly. Running after patrols and public events, completing more Strikes and tedious grinding in order to get as much Light as possible still draws you and entertains. I was also a bit worried about the soundtrack (this from Destiny I really liked it), but after a few hours I breathed a sigh of relief. The compositions are different, more varied, but just as good.

As I mentioned, the veterans do not need to be convinced – they will play anyway. And the newbies? They can safely try – they will not lack the content until the first expansion, which is planned for December.

Finally, I have to mention the presence of microtransactions, which do not affect the gameplay to a great extent (cosmetics and modifications that we get during a normal game anyway), but as a staunch opponent, I am outraged by the very fact of joining the game we pay the full price. Therefore, they are negative (but without affecting the final score).

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro


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