Anything not to say about Kratos “and company”, series God of War is for all owners of PlayStation consoles something like the holy grail for the myth seekers. The series, from the very first edition, impressed with its quality knocked out the idea for the game and the charisma of the hero, who is probably the most brutal and ruthless Sparti that not only ancient Greece saw, but also players of the modern world.

In opposition to this, can one speak of any release profession God of War Collection Volume 2 or, if you prefer, God of War: Origins Collectionwhich includes two installments of Kratos’ adventures so far only available on the PlayStation Portable? I dare to doubt, because it’s a gift …

Let’s say something at the outset, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta they do not match the graphically phenomenal God of War III. It is rather obvious and clear to anyone who has noticed what the above compilation is supposed to be at least once. In return we get two PSP games, adapted to today’s HD standards, as well as enriched with packages of cups dedicated to them. But more importantly, the holders PlayStation 3 and only PlayStation 3 received, for a really reasonable price, two great games that so far were hard to find on this platform, and which were once an irony reason to buy a Sony pocket. These productions with the most distinguished “grade” abolished the transfer to the big screen in HD, as a result of which you will not frown while watching them, as was the case with video materials from the game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HDwhich was originally also published exclusively on PlayStation Portable.

Let’s be clear about it, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were on PlayStation Portable a kind of technological sensation. If you had a PSP and wanted to show off to your friends what your equipment can do, you have just bought one of the Kratos adventures. It is no different this time, although, as I have already mentioned, with God of War III or Uncharted 2: Among Thieves “portable” Kratos doesn’t make that impression anymore. Still, the transfer to high definition is not “broke” these titles. Moreover, the whole thing still holds a constant and full 30 frames of animation per second, which is not at all obvious considering the quality of some “classics“even from the stable Ubisoft (you remember the crispy Prince of Persia HD, right?).

God of War: Chains of Olympus looks maybe a tad weaker than that The spirit of Sparta, but this is mainly due to the characteristics of the titles themselves and the fact that … on PSP the continuation also looked better. Unfortunately, when it comes to the implementation of stereoscopic 3D, this addition is quite poor here and “tired eyes”therefore, I would personally recommend keeping it to a minimum or just checking it “how it looks in action”. It is possible of course that You’ll react differently to 3D in God of War: Origins Collection, and for this reason I recommend checking this mode in person. Yes, for a warning.

Also note that in the box with God of War: Origins Collection we get two great productions providing up to 20 hours of murdering mythical creatures at the highest quality level, additionally at a very affordable price. The game can be purchased in stores for the price of PLN 129-139And if you look at online auctions, for example at the popular Allegro, you can buy a new and laminated copy for just over PLN 100! It should also be mentioned that God of War: Chains of Olympus was released in a compilation in the English language version, while The spirit of Spartaexactly the same as editing for PlayStation Portable, it has not only Polish subtitles, but also a professional dubbing performed by Bogusław, who is really good at playing the role of Kratos “What the f**k do you know about killing …” Lindy.

The review is short, but the truth turns out to be really beautiful … here basically nothing to write home about and should be taken instead the right decision to invest your money correctly just in this title. This is not a cheeky jump on the cash register, because the difference in the setting is really compared to the version for PlayStation Portable can be seen. We also receive cups, 3D, but most of all … we have more Kratos on PlayStation 3, just. Hope this collection is the ultimate test for gamer wallets before the possible announcement of God of War IV. On the other hand, does such an illustrious and phenomenally selling series need any arguments? Sony, I guess it’s the first time we want you to start cutting coupons from any series, don’t make fun of and finally announce a full-fledged continuation series. Please …


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