The last two numbered editions effectively destroyed my idealized image of the series Resident Evilwhich I went through dozens of times in my youth. Sighing longingly at the RPD corridors, the spooky mansion and the streets of Raccoon City, I did not believe that Capcom will ever be able to awaken an old love in me, while keeping pace with modern trends. And then I put it in the reader Resident Evil 7.

The African struggle with Majini or the flaring international conflict with Resident Evil 6 gathered a group of fans, but it was in vain to look for that “something” that attracted TV sets almost 20 years ago. After a wave of criticism, Capcom gave in to the pressure of fans and announced a remake of the beloved by me Resident Evil 2and in the meantime served us refreshed versions Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0. This kind of research into the ground for the brand’s future must have produced results because Resident Evil 7 is the most “resident” version of Leon’s clash with Spanish Las Plagas. Plus a very good game.

We play the role of Ethan, an ordinary guy, so different from the boisterous testosterone and “cool” Chris Redfield from the last games. One day, Ethan receives a message asking for help from his girlfriend who has been missing three years ago. Mia leaves him the address of a run-down house in Dulvey, Louisiana, where our adventure begins. Or rather a nightmare …

As announced, RE7 it is not a restart but a continuation of the series. Fortunately, the plot has nothing to do with the rubbish that has been packed into this universe in recent years. It tells a smaller and not very complicated, and at the same time interesting story, written by Richard Pearsey, the creator of the script for Spec Ops: The Line. There is literally everything a B-class horror fan could wish for. A terrifying and twisted Baker family, not very sophisticated shockers, disgusting gore and a compulsory secret to unravel. In all of this, the only thing I lack is consistency in the creation of Ethan. For a human being without paranormal experiences and military training, he takes all events dispassionately, only occasionally commenting on things that have happened to him. It could be a little more… human.

Surprisingly, changing the perspective on the first person does not have a negative impact on the reception. On the contrary! After the prologue leading by the hand, we feel as before, as if Resident Evil always offered FPP view. Driving around the house and adjacent estates is extremely natural, and the simple, classic map does not cause any problems in navigation. The locked door is automatically placed on it, and if we need a non-standard item to open it, then such annotation will also be there – the key with the scorpion sign opens the door with the scorpion sign, and the one with the snake sign opens … well, you know. If you are a veteran of the brand or know the recently released ones Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0, in the Baker’s house you will feel like … at home.

There are more similarities. Despite the automatic saving in important moments, the game must be saved manually in specially marked rooms, where the legendary typewriter has been replaced by a tape recorder. The chest in which we store things that cannot fit in the skimpy inventory also returns. Smart inventory management, so characteristic of older games, is present here and strongly influences the gameplay. If handguns and shotguns with ammunition take up five of the nine available (at the beginning) blocks, then finding a place for story and healing items requires a lot of sacrifice. The more that the vast majority of puzzles are based on obtaining various types of items, keys or emblems that unlock subsequent parts of the estate. The idea ran through all the canonical editions of the series, but RE7 emphasizes it as much as the PSX trilogy.

Of course, shooting cannot be avoided. The farther into the forest, the more battles that require firepower. As Ethan progresses, he acquires more and more powerful weapons to wreak havoc at the end of the game without looking back. The arsenal is a fantastic reference to the classic weapon set. Fans will know immediately which gun has the greatest punch and for which we will not find more than a few rounds of ammunition throughout the game. By the way, ammunition is not a very popular find in RE7so the Rambo approach on Normal difficulty is not an option. Opponents, resembling a cross between lickers and creatures z Resident Evil: Revelations, they are quite resilient, and their lively movements make elimination very difficult. For a greater challenge, the aiming assistance has been abandoned, so hitting the head of a masquerade that pops out from behind a corner is extremely difficult.

Do you want more classics? Here you are. The bossy members of the Baker family from time to time go hunting for Ethan. Meetings with them are scripted, but what we will do next is our choice. We can fight and lose a lot of valuable ammo, but be calm for a while, or we can run away and expose ourselves to a chase that is very difficult to confuse, and hiding in a dark corner is not always effective. Yes, you guessed it! Meetings with the Bakers are deceptively similar to Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 and Mr. X from the second scenario Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 7 it does not have a multiplayer mode, cooperation or the liked Mercenaries mode from previous versions. As a sweetness, after completing the game on the easy or normal difficulty level, we get access to the Madhouse mode. Opponents become stronger, autosave disappears, and tape recorders need cassettes scattered around various locations. To make it even more interesting, the story items were placed in other places, so as not to play “by heart”. Great idea and great execution!

I have no major objections to the technical layer. The spooky, highly disturbing rooms are properly lit and detailed. The locations are varied enough and you do not even feel the monotony, the bane of the “walking simulators” popular in recent years, even for a moment. The faces of the characters delight with their facial expressions in close-ups. In addition, the whole thing flashes at 60 frames per second for which RE7 had to pay a price. In faster actions, the textures of the environment can alienate, and some elements of the location load before our eyes. However, it is not particularly bothersome and I can safely say that the advantages cover the disadvantages. I cannot forget about the great English dubbing that breathed life into all this madness.

Transition Resident Evil 7: Biohazard it took me a little over 10 hours. Even though you would like more, it’s fair to say that dragging the game would not make sense. It is a complete story, with varied, tense gameplay and a huge fan service. Almost any idea Capcom it’s a bull’s eye. Don’t be afraid to say it – it’s the best “classic” Resident Evil since Code Veronica. Dot.

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro


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