Road Rage is a hopeless title. In this production, everything is poorly designed and leaves us with a question – is it profitable for creators to do this type of productions?

Road Rage it is the studio’s “work” Team 6that throws us into a metropolis taken over by numerous motorcycle gangs. Our hero or heroine decides to face other motorcyclists, winning races with them, performing acrobatics or … killing them. All in all, you can start complaining at this point. As I mentioned, one of the heroes is put at our disposal. The characters’ dialogues are identical for both genders, so when our protagonist tells about his girlfriend, if we choose a woman – we play a l*****n. It’s good that at least all statements are read by another person, but what if, and how, in the end, we will dream about clicking them. Oh, I forgot to add that “dialogues” are actually messages sent via smartphones and there are no cutscenes here. Maybe that’s a good thing, because then I would be completely dying of laughing if the character’s animation was at the level of these messages. Constant calling out, funny jokes, pretending to be tough – it all looks very poor.

How is it with this metropolis? A cluster of districts that we unlock one by one (entering a blocked district earlier ends with a chase for the police), completing boring tasks. The creators probably hoped that they would be able to overshadow any imperfections with the mechanics of attacking other motorcyclists (already known from the old Road Rasha) with baseball bats, pipes, chainsaws, golf clubs and a few other items that differ only in appearance. By pressing one button, we swing and watch the drivers and passers-by fly away from us in the same way as the characters in Flatout. So we make a cluster of story and side missions consisting of racing, throwing other drivers, escaping the police or driving to a designated point. We do most of them without problems, from time to time improving the bike or buying a new one. Usually, we will take on modifications anyway when the game itself forces us to do so, because sometimes certain machines or a certain number of improvements are required to advance the plot. Complete nonsense that is supposed to force us to spend a huge amount of cash, which always accompanies us. The purchased modifications will not change much how our vehicles will drive. All of them are dexterity-controlled, including bouncing off the walls. But was it really that hard to make a leg-leaning animation in reverse ?!

In addition to modifying our two-wheeler, the Road Rage we can also change the appearance of the hero. And now attention! Along the way, we unlock the characters encountered in the story, so there is no problem here to drive as the same character that we are currently racing with. What’s better – our heroine looks like a girl we meet only after some time in the game! Except that she is Italian with a distinctive accent, and ours is a redhead American. What happened here – I don’t know. Passers-by are also the same, and more than once I have encountered a situation where three of the same men in suits fell under my blow. Each character additionally has an idiotic gait, as if it had something in it. Actually, I would probably be so pissed off, if I lived in a city that looks like a PS2 (of course constantly shrouded in fog, because the game would probably choke even on powerful equipment), with identical houses or walls through which you can easily penetrate. When the police start chasing us in this beautiful city, we shouldn’t panic. Artificial intelligence will circulate cars nearby, trying to knock us off the motorcycle, and in the event of waiting for the “stars” to disappear, it will not mind that we are standing next to a police roadblock.

The game interface is as sparse as the rest of the game. The city map is moving sluggishly, and when we disconnect the upcoming chat of our group, they will immediately call us again. Roman’s calls to Nico in GTA IV are nothing. But don’t try to buy new weapons without answering the phone first. He will never call you back later, which will block further career progress and only help restarting the game. The game does not explain the control and we have to look for it ourselves in the game menus, which cut with almost every option we choose. Maybe the music will ease our nerves? Five heavier songs will start to piss us off after half an hour of play, and we’ll quickly include our own songs. The humor, on the other hand, will be improved by funny advertisements of imaginary companies located in the game world. Yes, that’s the only positive thing I found here. Though trophy hunters will probably be glad to hear about easy platinum. It is enough to complete all races, upgrade motorbikes and … hit a thousand passers-by. A task to do, but I wonder how long it will take, because the population walking around the city and its surroundings is very rare, just like any other vehicles controlled by the game that are trying to run into the wall somewhere. Let’s also not forget about the collectibles that the creators have hidden in each region, without showing us what exactly to look for …

IN Road Rage we will find a multiplayer mode that allows you to configure your own competitions, but I had no “pleasure” to check how it looks, because simply nobody in the world plays this production for PLN 124. We are left with split screen mode, which of course causes the game to run smoothly (although it’s not tragic), but why waste our friends’ time? Let God’s hand protect you against buying Road Rage. I wonder what the creators thought when programming this work for us. In the film in the series, the development diaries seemed extremely excited about what they were creating. Are they happy that their studio will produce such a poor game that will sell hopelessly due to its tragic quality? Why no one in Team 6 He didn’t get up and said, “Hey, this is a c**p, let’s fine-tune it, this will be our last game.” The quality of this production is below my (and so low) expectations. I was hoping for a title so weak it was funny. Unfortunately, this game is weak and fakes a decent title.

The title for the review was provided by the game publisher – Maximum Games.


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