WipEout is one of the most meritorious for PlayStation a series that had been lying in the coffin for some time, waiting to be buried. However, Sony decided to change its mind, refresh WipEouta HD / Fury and transfer to a stationary console WipEout 2048 giving us WipEout Omega Collection. And you don’t even know how good a move is.

WipEout can be replaced in one row with Crash, Great tourism whether Tomb Raider as the brand that defined what PlayStation became. Production Psygnosis It has become a permanent element of the image of console games, accompanying each subsequent Sony console. When it was leaving WipEout HD, People were a little twitching that instead of the new game, we got HD recreated routes from handhelds Pure and Pulse. However, after the premiere, the criticism died down, because the game turned out to be fantastic in terms of playability and technical layer. The later Fury expansion introduced new modes along with the tracks, extending how much time you could spend with WipEout on PS3. Debuting on Vita WipEout 2048 on the other hand, it failed with only 30 frames per second in which the game worked. And in terms of sales, because despite the high quality of the games, it turned out to be terrible and Sony decided to stop the production of more games, closing Sony Liverpool. And when many people lost hope for the new installment of the series, Sony with the help of the studio Clever Beans gives us new-old WipEout.

WipEout Omega Collection is a cumulative refreshed release WipEouta HD plus Fury and WipEout 2048 with PS Vity. No changes to mechanics and no additions to change the game content. What was previously available on PS3 and PS Vicienow we get on PS4 with significantly improved graphics, changed soundtrack and the option to fire the whole thing in 4K with HDR support, if we have the appropriate equipment. Having such excellent source material, Clever Beans was given a simple task – not to spoil anything. It was only enough to tell everyone right away that WipEout Omega Collection it’s a great game. And the studio didn’t spoil anything. WipEout Omega Collection IT IS a great game that you don’t even feel that its roots go back to the previous generation and handheld release.

Technically, both games were raised to native 1080p, offering a smooth and stutter-free 60fps. In case of WipEouta HD / Fury the difference is less noticeable (although still considerable). The 2048 that performs at 30 frames per second makes the most of it, so it did not respond as well to commands as it could. Now, in 60 FPS, the game is incredibly sensitive, which is of great importance at the highest difficulty level and in the fastest class, when our reaction time is often counted in fractions of a second. The graphic leap it recorded 2048, finally, it allows you to fully enjoy the amazing track designs, originally dampened by the not-so-impressive power of the Vita. No drops in fluidity, better visibility at longer distances and a lot of new graphic effects along with the rebuilt lighting make both games titles that can confidently compete with the most beautiful racing titles of this generation.

As for the content of the game, there is too much of it. We get three campaigns to be completed, which should take from several to several hours. The time of the game depends on whether we have experience with the series and whether we want to complete everything on the highest difficulty level. The campaigns are so different from each other that we can confidently pass them in one session and we will not feel bored. WipEout 2048 is the most diverse in terms of available modes and route designs, juggling every now and then the challenges posed. WipEout HD offers a campaign that focuses primarily on racing, completing the Zones mode, and time trials. Fury for a change, it is fully devoted to the new modes – Eliminator (instead of the race, the goal is to fight others), Detonator (reminiscent of arcade shooters) and Zone Battle, which is a variation of the Zone mode – there are eight players and we can collect a boost. manually activate the jump to a higher zone.

After completing the campaign, we are actually left with an online mode and all modes, routes and vehicles to check and get the best results – also on a split screen of one console, because this option WipEout offers. However, if by some miracle you are still worried about whether there is enough content, maybe the numbers will convince you – 26 routes with the option of driving their reverse version, 46 vehicles and 8 game modes in which you can compete in the online rankings. The online game works – or at least it worked when I found someone to play. Before the premiere, it was extremely difficult, both using the European filter of established sessions and the American one. But there is nothing to worry about the quality of the network code. If anything, I would rather be afraid of who will actually buy this title, because before the premiere, I saw only a few dozen players from around the world on the ranking lists …

Is there anything to cling to? Sincerely? Not very. If I were to drill a hole in my stomach, I would perhaps throw the soundtrack issue on a separate person. More precisely – the selection of songs, because simply not all of them are suitable for me. And no, I don’t want a different genre in this series, I just miss some classics here and wish Sony had even attempted to re-license “Firestarter” from Prodigy (instead there is “Invaders Must Die”). I miss classics like “Atom Bomb” by Fluke, “Body in Motion” by CoLD SToRAGE or even music from HD / Fury. The more that we can set the HUD with WipEout 2097if we need a nostalgic trip to the 90s. And one more thing puzzles me – the game supposedly has an option to choose the music to be played, but … it doesn’t work. May this c**p be corrected possibly in a patch.

If you had concerns about whether the studio Clever Beans it can do it – you don’t have to worry anymore. We got a great one WipEout for half the price of a new AAA game. Dynamic, arcade racing that in the times of simulators and open-world cars seems a bit like a relic of the past, but this relic has lost nothing of its magic and can have fun like in the good old days. Fans of the series will be satisfied for many months.

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro.


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