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RuneScape gets first new quest since cross-platform launch

RuneScape gets first new quest since cross-platform launch

RuneScape’s Elder God Wars saga gets a new chapter today, bringing a whole new map with a wealth of challenges and rewards. RuneScape is fully cross-platform playable on PC, iOS and Android since last week. Elder God Wars: The City of Senntisten is the first new quest to be added to the MMO since then.

Elder God Wars is a year-long saga that follows Ariane’s destructive vision that predicts war in Gielinor. And City of Senntisten is the last quest before the war begins. Senntisten is a lost city, originally home to Zaros, now buried deep below the Archeology guild. A brand new location to discover.

When you’ve gathered your allies, it’s time to use your Archeology skill and gain access to the city. Here you can repel your dark powers and prepare for your defense. Dangers lurk in every corner of the city. You’ll need to be careful exploring the cathedral and surrounding areas, transforming it into a fortress against waves of fierce enemies.

Ryan Ward, Executive Producer at RuneScape: “The launch of The City of Senntisten today really ignites the Elder God of Wars saga, as this quest is the prologue before the war begins. Over the coming months, the fate of Gielinor will be determined as players experience four fronts on the battlefield and the Elder Gods begin their attack.”

“Elder God Wars is an epic saga and we’re proud to bring it to players on RuneScape’s 20th anniversary. These are fantastic times for the game and we are proud to see players playing more than ever before. The number of members is at a peak in six years, we brought the game to mobile and we welcome so many new players to Gielinor. There really is no better time to play RuneScape.”

If you succeed, there’s a plethora of rewards, new Ancient Magick spells, more XP in Slayer and Archeology skills, an upgrade to the Pontifex Observation Ring, and more.

The City of Senntisten is a members exclusive quest. You must also have completed the previous quests, Azzanadra’s Quest and Battle of Monolith, and be at least level 75 and 74 for your Slayer and Archeology skills.

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