Samsung’s middle tone will be completed, even more, in a short time. Today’s leaks allow us to stammer of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5Ga financial device, with 5G support and that wants to compete with the rest of the devices in the tone of 200 euros / dollars. We already know the design and part of its features, so we can tell you if it will arrive as a recommended device or more accurately it will be one more disclosure for the most globalized markets. What we can know is that it will be one of the cheapest samsung phones.

This is the Galaxy A22 5G, Samsung’s most affordable 5G mobile

The price, the design and some of the features of the Galaxy A22 5G have been revealed. The most interesting thing about this mannequin is that it will arrive with a price below 200 euros / dollars and with 5G connectivity. He wants to position himself as the most affordable Samsung mobile with this type of support for 5G networks.

What’s more, both in terms of price and features, it’s preposterous to think that you want to compete against the new one. Redmi Note 10 5G. At the moment the Xiaomi terminal seems much more interesting, but in the less specialized market they could be very close to thousands of users.

On the other hand, Samsung will offer the device in various eye-catching colors to penetrate the market satiated young. The military design isn’t too pretty, as there’s a notch on the front, a plastic back, and a fairly simple triple camera. It is not a lack of the other world, although the most interesting would be the interior.

Filtered features of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

  • 6.4-inch FullHD + screen and IPS technology
  • Processor MediaTek Dimension 700
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64 GB of internal storage
  • Triple camera of 48 + 5 + 2 MP
  • 5G support
  • 5000 mAh group with fast charge
  • Android 11

At the moment these are the details that we can know about the device. Its filtered price for Europe is around 180/200 euros / dollar, so it would consolidate itself as one of the Samsung’s cheapest 5G phones and also the market.

Yes this Galaxy A22 5G It will make things difficult for Xiaomi is little that we do not know at the moment. Remember that not everyone who deals with smartphones reads specialized pages or is studying the market for weeks: they come to the store and take the one they recommend, so in this sense Samsung could have some superiority when it comes to positioning in the niche of cheap 5G mobiles.



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