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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus video: here is the live device

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus video: here is the live device

A Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus video has appeared on the net over the last few hours. The rumors about the next top of the range of the Korean giant continue unabated. According to what has been learned to date, the new Galaxy S21 Plus flasghip should be equipped with a refined and elegant design with top-level components able to conquer even the most demanding customer. Having said that, let’s find out together the latest info that emerged online.

Galaxy S21 Plus is shown for the first time in an unreleased movie

Since we are writing this article it seems impossible, in fact we do not know how true this video of the Galaxy S21 Plus is, and we do not know how long it will remain on the net. If you want to see it, the advice is to hurry up.

However, let’s talk about an actual clip showing the new top of the range of the Samsung manufacturer. A video lasting up to 4 minutes visible on the popular YouTube.

The movie in question shows the front of the Samsung device and mainly focuses on benchmarks.

Finally, further rumors leaked on the Internet for a few hours speak of a sensational inclusion of S Pen in the S21 Plus range. Among other things, the announcement date of the terminal seems to be confirmed: unless the last second thought, the Galaxy S21 Plus together with its brothers should make its appearance starting from January 14, 2021.

All that remains is to wish you a good vision.


How many of you are waiting for the debut of the new one Samsung’s flagship device?

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