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Samsung Galaxy S21 Prices: Numerous Surprises Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S21 Prices: Numerous Surprises Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S21 prices what will they be? This is one of the many questions that lovers of the Korean manufacturer are asking themselves every day today. One of the very few news that is missing to complete once and for all the picture of the new top range of Samsung, concerns precisely the cost of sale, the subject of numerous rumors for days. Here are the latest that emerged on the net.

Samsung Galaxy S21 how much will they cost?

For a couple of years now, for those who have not made it home, the Korean company’s flagship devices are increasing more and more, but with the new range the cards on the table could dramatically change. According to what has been learned, in fact, it seems that at least two of the three Galaxy S21 that will be marketed will cost less than the current S20 range, while the third could have a slight increase.

That said, according to colleagues from GalaxyClub who took the news from reliable sources, the Galaxy S21 5G on the European territory it should cost around 879 euros as regards the configuration characterized by 128GB of internal memory. A step back from the current prices of the S20 5G which costs 999 euros.

Same thing should also happen with the model S21 Plus, which should be marketed at a cost of 1079 euros, instead of 1099 euros of the current S20, both with 5G connectivity.

Turning instead to the more performing model, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, the latter in the variant equipped with 128GB of internal memory, should cost 1,399 euros, 50 euros more than the S20 Ultra model. We still do not know in this case what the price increase is due to, but as soon as we know something about it we will update you immediately.


Obviously there is nothing official for this, we invite you to take the news with a grain of salt. All that remains is to wait with trepidation for the announcement of the new Galaxy S21 range expected, barring complications, for January 14, 2021.

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