Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and “Classic” Version: we are always getting a lot of new information on the top of the range that Samsung will present in March during its event on March 2nd and slowly we are connecting the various pieces of the two Galaxy S6 to arrive at the conclusion of its precious details before the event.

Some Rumors have indicated on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that both of its sides may be curved, instead of just one like on the Note Edge. Recently, a design patent, filed with the USPTO by Samsung, was revealed, and it’s very interesting to go and see it up close!

Firstly, it certainly represents a smartphone with both sides of the curved display, but the glass does not stop at the frame, in reality it seems to wrap the whole body of the phone with even the use of some icons on the back of the device. Not only this can be seen from the photos, in fact the images show that the phone has a part in the upper area that protrudes from the phone and then disappears, we honestly do not know what it may represent.

We can assume that this element may have to do with recharging the device, perhaps users may have been granted the possibility to replace the battery themselves. We will certainly keep you informed on this aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which turns out to be really special and interesting.

For what concern Samsung Galaxy S6, we have already seen this morning that the device will feature a 5 ″ QHD => display Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen: It will be 5 ″ – Documents Confirm it! Last week in a conference call with investors, a leading Samsung exponent Robert Yi said the company is planning to release an “innovative premium smartphone” with a “special feature”. (Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy S6 will look like: Design and Special Function!)

We do not know if this mysterious function can coincide with the multiple rear covers that add different characteristics and refers precisely to the details mentioned above and concerning the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but as far as the “premium” part is concerned, we can safely assume that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will arrive with the frame made entirely of metal!

Based on all these specs rumors, the Verus case makers have come up with what could be a relatively accurate representation of what the Korean firm’s next flagship will look like; also based on the possible exact dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S6: 143.52mm x 70.70mm x 7.19mm! We show you at the end of the article the renderings of these cases, even if these drawings do not exactly coincide with the alleged Samsung project, for example the sensors should be placed on the left of the terminal, instead of on the right.

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