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Samsung has a very serious problem with the Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung has a very serious problem with the Galaxy S21 FE

After discussing abundant and lying about him Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Maybe it’s all just a couple of leaks in the end. Samsung faces a very quiet problem with this new device that could leave it in the drawers of the company for life. Several leaks confirm that Samsung has a supply problem with certain components and that the shortage of them could leave the Galaxy S21 FE as a reminder of what could be. The terminal would be canceled right now until further notice.

Samsung is having trouble getting components

A smartphone is made up of hundreds of parts and getting a stock of all of them is little that has been complicated since the start of the pandemic. Supply problems with processors, chips and all kinds of components are few that affect all phone and technology manufacturers. Sony, for example, has serious problems imagining the PlayStation 5.

These problems would be causing Samsung to be delayed until Samsung Galaxy S21 FE September Clearance. The company would be waiting to charge some components such as the processor or memory chips to be able to advance in the production of the terminal. That it will be successful is little that is not clear at the moment.

An extension of this situation would lead to the repeal of the dissertation by Samsung. The company not only has problems with the stock of the processors, but also with certain parts of the stack that are not unified in the FE row.

Right now, leakers who usually cover Samsung details don’t hold out much hope that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE be a truth. We will have to wait, of course, but if the situation with the supply of components remains the same, we could face a complete annulment of the thesis.