After the arrival and success of Samurai Shodown on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, SNK confirmed that their samurai fighting game is on its way to two more platforms: Nintendo Switch and PC. The PC version still doesn’t have many details, but the Nintendo console has already received good news.

Switch, which will receive the game on December 12 in Japan, has already won a trailer, which he remembers is possible, therefore, to enjoy the game in portable mode. SNK has also made it clear that it will be possible to play Samurai Shodown with just one Joy-Con. This means that you can play with two players using the standard console set. No need for extra control.

And SNK will also give a gift to the first buyers. A port of Samurai Shodown 2, for Neo Geo Pocket. In our analysis, we observe that Samurai Shodown has retained its essence, without showing itself to be dated. It doesn’t have a well-crafted story mode, like some recent titles. But he is very good in sword fighting.

The game still doesn’t have release dates for PC, nor for Switch, in the west.


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