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Scene It Twilight

When I was asked if I could Scene It? Wanted to review Twilight, I gave a positive answer. I had good expectations. The movie Twilight, which appeared in 2008, was quite entertaining. In addition, it also sounds like a title that is suitable for a fairly large market. The love stories of Bella and vampire Edward are immensely popular and millions of teenage girls start to salivate when they see something related to the movie. For these people, a quiz game like Scene It? therefore sound like music to your ears. However, these expectations will be dealt a serious blow in the face if they dare to purchase the Twilight edition.

Only two game modes

When you start the game on your PC, nothing seems to be wrong. You will be greeted by the voice of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and the music from the film is playing in the background. Then confidently choose the play option to start the ultimate Twilight knowledge test. You will go through a total of four rounds, with each round consisting of five different questions. The first three rounds are simply about getting the right answer as quickly as possible. At the bottom of the screen is a time bar where a score is also indicated. As time goes on this score will decrease, so you have to answer quickly to score high points. In the last round of play, which is called the ‘Twilightning Round’, you are given 5000 points by default for a correct answer. There is a catch, however, because if your answer turns out to be wrong, the same number is deducted from your total. In addition to this standard game mode, there is also another mode called ‘Flex Play’ in which you can choose ten, twenty or thirty questions. The same questions are asked here, but you will immediately see your total score after each question instead of after a game round.

The questions themselves are interspersed with different types. For example, you can see a fragment from the film where, for example, you have to finish a spoken sentence or sometimes you have to place three fragments in chronological order. In addition, there are a few types where you have to guess something based on a given image, such as guessing a location that is slowly sketched or a picture in which a certain element is missing. It also contains some other types of questions such as normal multiple choice. The question is only asked with text. So the variation in the questions is quite extensive, but Scene It is still boring? Twilight terribly fast. The main reason for this is the subject of the questions. The whole game revolves around a single movie and it’s hard to imagine how an entire quiz game could be designed around this. Somehow we managed to come up with over 500 questions.

What else should you ask?

However, this cannot be called a positive point, because they are still tough to answer even for the Twi-hards. The most nonsensical details are asked, such as the color of the backpack or another Bella item of clothing. It is therefore very unfortunate that it has not been possible to continue about the second film New Moon. This makes the game a bit like an easy money to be brought in. There is really nothing done to keep the player enthralled. The images in the background of locations from the film look out of focus, the narrator has a very limited range of sentences to pronounce and the music also consists of too few songs. Actually, there is only one positive point and that is the questions with the fragments from the film. These are of good quality, but there is not much to ruin. Perhaps the biggest annoyance is that the vast majority of questions are only asked with text that can be read. It would look a lot better with some pictures from the movie that match it. As it is done in this game the quiz just gets boring.

scene it? Twilight certainly does the fans of this vampire and werewolves-filled story no favors. One movie is far too little background for a game like this to come up with questions about. Another nice attempt is made to bring variety to all the different question types, but this is taken away from the player’s interest by other elements of the game. For example, in a quiz a player should be stimulated with nice pictures, but Scene It even knows that? Twilight largely undoable. For fans, it’s also great that actor Peter Facinelli has lent his voice to the narrator, were it not for the fact that he uses the same sentences every time. Perhaps real die-hard fans can still get some satisfaction from knowing these kinds of facts, but Scene It? Twilight is better for other players to ignore.

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Author: Robin Kooistra | Genre: Party | Release: 11-03-2010 | Publisher: Konami | Developer: KDE USAGraphics: 5.0 † Sound: 5.5 † Gameplay: 3.5 † Controls: 5.5 † Playback: 3.0 4.0+ Excerpts from the film++- Questions are only about one film- Visually not stimulating at all- Narrator Peter Facinelli says the same thing over and over