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Second Marvel’s Avengers War Table Stream to Premiere on July 29

Second Marvel’s Avengers War Table Stream to Premiere on July 29

SQUARE ENIX announces today that the following Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream will be released on July 29 at 7pm CEST. In particular, the stream will delve deeper into the beta program of Marvel’s Avengerswhich starts on August 7.

Fans can watch the stream on the PlayAvengers.com channel.

The Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream delivers the world premiere of new trailers and information about the upcoming Super Hero game. The first digital stream released on June 24 and revealed new Thor gameplay, details about the main villain in the game, MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), and brand new information about War Zones, the game’s team-based missions, including their structure and how the Avengers become even stronger by working together.

Check out the first Marvel’s Avengers War Table here

On July 29, the second Marvel’s Avengers War Table will provide players with the most complete look at what to expect from the upcoming beta program starting on August 7. Fans can expect several exclusive new videos that delve deeper into the content coming through the beta, as well as information about the design and creation of Marvel’s Avengers. Astute viewers may also notice hidden details that point to future content and announcements.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta program begins August 7, exclusively for PlayStation 4 owners who pre-ordered the game, and will be available through August 9.

The beta will open on August 14 for all PlayStation 4 owners, until August 16. Players who have pre-ordered Xbox One and PC can also get started with the beta program from August 14 to August 16.

Finally, the beta program will open on August 21 for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players, until August 23.

View a full infographic with all platforms and dates here.

A free Square-Enix Members account is required to play the beta. Players can sign up for such an account at https://membership.square-enix.com/users/sign_in. Signing up will be rewarded with an exclusive in-game Thor nameplate.

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