THE SEGA promised, and so far, it’s doing very well, as there are already several games available for your mobile project SEGA Forever. The game of choice is the ESWAT: City Under Siege, game that hitched a ride on the success of the time of robocop, and which now returns in compilation format, with the free game, but with support for small ads.

The game is from 1990 and is an arcade adaptation Cyber ​​Police ESWAT, 1989, with all the possible clichés from that era that we all like: it’s a plot in a “near future”, with a city of Liberty City devastated by crime, in which the officer Duke Oda wears a special costume from police and come out with an open chest to put an end to the EYE Mafia, which has brought a wave of crime to the city. In a system slightly inspired by Mega Man, with each defeated boss, the player has access to improvements, such as more powerful weapons and shields.

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like every game SEGA Forever, O ESWAT: City Under Siege it has the leaderboard, supports cloud save, supports controls and also brings a rewind function, in case you miss a jump, for example. It is possible to unlock the game’s ads and save locally the games upon payment and also, as with the series, updates may improve the game.

You can download the game at this link. If the game is not yet available, please wait, as it is scheduled to arrive in the next update of the App Store and Google Play, which still happens today.


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