Serious Sam will be celebrating twenty years of battling a horde of monsters next year. For many players, it’s a forgotten series that Croteam reminded of this year thanks to Serious Sam 4. Interestingly, it was much more appreciated by players than reviewers. I did not have the opportunity to check the latest installment myself, but Serious Sam Collection landed on my console – a collection of older games with Sam in the lead role. The title was released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles. There was nothing else to do but go back to these productions and check how they present themselves on the new generation.

Serious Sam Collection trailer

The Serious Sam Collection includes:

  • Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter,
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter,
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE.
  • The Jewel of the Nile and The Legend of the Beast expansions

The first editions were created at the beginning of the 21st century and in 2010 they already received remastered editions, hence the characteristic then “HD”. They were transferred to the engine that powered the third part of the cycle, which was finally released in 2011 and received good marks. In my opinion, however, as well as many reviewers, it was the weakest scene in history. Unfortunately, Serious Sam 2 is not in the collection.

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is Sam’s first encounter with a host of colorful enemies. Special Forces soldier Sam “Serious” Stone must stop the attack of the destroyers of civilization, who this time have chosen our planet as their target. We come to Egypt, so we will travel through the deserts, the pyramids, and we will also visit the tomb of Ramesses III. This is the shortest installment of the cycle, but in my opinion, and probably many players, the best. Its length is quite appropriate – Egypt will not have time to get bored, Sam’s poppers are becoming more and more powerful, as well as opponents, and the whole thing sticks together in two evenings full of action. If you start your adventure with the entire collection, do not destroy the chronology and fire up The First Encounter first.

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is also for a moment a pyramid, but already Aztec – the game takes us to South America, where Sam will learn about the Mayan culture, but he will also hit the Tower of Babel and the Sumerians in this adventure. By the way, of course, he will save the world again. The Second Encounter is a version, more or less twice as long, and also quite pleasant and sweet. Both parts are old school shooters, which can be seen from the very first minutes. The mass of unsuspecting strangers, or first aid kits in various forms scattered around the corners, as well as ammunition, are commonplace in these productions. We also often come across collectibles. Gameplay, however, resists even after so many years.

Very well-thought-out designs of locations and opponents (headless kamikaze and their howl at night) also deserve a distinction. From a certain point on, the gameplay has been one big no-holds-barred ride, and for that we mostly liked Serious Sam nearly twenty years ago, and that still works. Several levels of difficulty, the possibility of cosmetic changes (amount of blood, interface, aiming), any choice of campaign (we do not have to play the game in sequence), all this means that you can play the game several levels and return to it from time to time to We did not get bored quickly. Let’s agree that this is a rather monotonous game after time.

The last game in the collection is Serious Sam 3. In this part of the series we are back in Egypt – the aliens are fighting again, and Sam lands, among others. in Cairo or Giza. Why am I saying this is the worst part? You can see changes in the design of the locations – more smaller, corridors, especially this beginning of the game has been broken and the game takes much longer than it should. It’s also an installment of the series, which is more serious (yes, I know what title it has), which of course is in stark contrast to what you’ll find in The First and The Second Encounter.

Serious Sam Collection is a great option for those who liked Serious Sam 4 and don’t know the other parts, but also for those who were disappointed in it and played the classics in the original. These are still good shooters (of course the first two parts) that were remastered a few years ago and are still in a good graphic design. Shooting entertains Serious Sam as always, and if someone does not know the series at all, and is now interested in it, Serious Sam Collection will be a great choice.


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