the brazilian studio QUByte, the same one who recently introduced us to the game 99 Lives – The Game, announced a partnership with Strictly Limited Games for an exclusive physical version of VASARA Collection. The partnership will guarantee two classic games in the collection.

the franchise summer was already with the development rights together with the QUByte since March 2018. And they involve two games originally developed by Visco Corporation. summer, 2000, and summer 2, which was released in 2001.

Both games, typical shoot’em ups, were, at first, exclusive to Japanese arcades. Therefore, this collection with the two original games, also has the “mission” of presenting two interesting games of the genre to the rest of the world, with versions for consoles and PC.

THE QUByte also explained that, in addition to the original games, the collection will have a completely new content, created exclusively for this version. And also left information about the release. The game is expected to arrive in the first half of 2019. And with versions for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PS Vita, Xbox one, and PCs.

“Who is” VASARA?

summer and summer 2 are two classic Japanese arcades. Its context involves science fiction and history. With an alternate timeline in which Feudal Japan relies on extremely advanced weapons and technologies. Thus, samurai use flying motorcycles with firepower, as well as extremely powerful combat weapons.

With the death of the feudal lord Hideyoshi Hashiba, Yeyasu Tokugawa, a local tyrant, wants to take control of the territory. It is then up to the heroes to face their army and thus prevent the “evil reigns” over the place. So, like a traditional shoot’em up, this army comes in the form of battle tanks, giant robots, soldiers and evil samurai.

About the collection, the QUByte explains that the games will support the Playstation TV, with 2-player Co-Op, support for Tate Mode, or Vertical Mode, eight playable characters, inspired by real Japanese figures; a different context that mixes science fiction and feudal Japan; gameplay based on shooting and melee attacks; easy mode for beginners and a lot of challenge for experienced ones; and alternate endings, according to the actions in the game.


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